The Golden Star


The Kosmos


Within the deep blue Dome of Night
The jewel Planets glitter—
Red and green and silver;
Reflections from the hidden Sun.
*       *       *
A mystic Symbol this of Life’s Illusion,
Where real and unreal blend
With Actuality—Unseen.
*       *       *
We dwell within the Temples of the Spirit,
Erected by the Master Builders
Of the Bright Universe of God.
*       *       *
And Wonder upon Wonder is around;
Created deep within the Rhythm
Of the spinning Wheels Above,
Below, Without, Within the Realms
Of their Imagination:
Inspired with Love Divine.
*       *       *
Reflections of Reflections;
Essences of Essences;
Holy Thought; descending low
And rising up again in mighty Arcs,
Be-rayed with blazing colours of the Life and Light
Brought forth by Shatt’ring WORD;
Which caused the Fire to leap:
Exalted, whirling, spinning, weaving
In Eternity of Time, and Space, and POWER.

When Neteru-Hem and Ma-u and Ma-uti had taken their seats in the next lecture hall, which was crowded, the Messenger said: “The Teacher who will speak presently produces generally the actual scenes on which he is discoursing before his audience; or else he takes you to strange regions in Time and Space. Be not afraid, therefore, if some very weird things seem to happen during his lecture. He is a great master of his subject and has tremendous powers; you can, therefore, absolutely trust him and have no reason for alarm at whatever you may behold.”

After these somewhat disquieting words, Ma-u and Ma-uti looked with no little apprehension at the Priest as he entered. He was a majestic-looking individual, with a very magnetic personality and an aura that was visible to everyone. It floated in great rings around him from a white light close to the body, which light gradually deepened into a beautiful blue; this again became surrounded by a ring of orange; then a ring of mauve; then lavender; and then a deep crimson ring from which radiated every colour imaginable in living streams of brilliant fire. Stricken with a sense of deepest reverence and awe, Ma-u and Ma-uti stared speechlessly at him; amazed by the stateliness of this marvellous Being.

The shining rays streamed out from him unceasingly and filled the whole hall with a bright effulgence. It drew out from all those present a glittering response in soft beams of colour-emanations, and the whole effect was so astonishing and stupendous that no words can describe it.

The only one present who did not respond in this way was the Messenger. Cold and immaculate in his pure white presence, he sat beside Ma-u and Ma-uti; utter Master of Himself and the functions of his auric radiations. Yet, it was a divine snowy whiteness; so spotless and unblemished that it outshone the warm colourings of all the irradiance in that audience of vital, sentient forms.

Ma-u and Ma-uti felt that in the frosted crystal immaculateness of the Divine Messenger was concentrated all the light and the warm colourings of the Teacher and the others; protective, safe, and holy.

And now the lecturer commenced:

“Our subject is the formation of the Kosmos (*see Author’s note in sidebar) and although it is only possible to give an outline of its building from the first formative Thought of the Supreme Being onwards, we venture to presume that there may be some interesting and even awe-inspiring moments, when we consider some of the Divine Wonders of the Inspiration of the Unknown God-Head: the Supreme Deity.

“This Highest of all Gods, whose dwelling-place is on a level so far removed from all that can even be guessed by the Logoi, the Creators, themselves, that nothing can be known about Him, the Mahat, the Highest Entity in the Universe. There is no diviner Entity beyond Him, and He will never be absorbed, as the Logoi are absorbed, at the end of a Mahâmanvantara, to emerge again in the next Cycle of active Creation. We can be conscious of that subtlest of all matters of which His Being consists, however, and this Consciousness is the Kosmic Seed of Superkosmic Omniscience; which has the potentiality of budding into the Divine Consciousness, which can raise Man up into the highest Realms of Celestial existence and Wisdom.

“The whole of a Kosmos, or Solar System, and the whole of a Universe as well, is contained within the Auric Envelope, which contains the whole scheme of the evolution of a manifesting Universe and all the Beings and conditions therein.

“ ‘What lies beyond this Auric Envelope?’ you may ask.

“Beyond that Envelope there are other Universes without end, so unimaginably many, and so vast, that it is impossible to conceive their existence or their nature. There is no end to Eternity or to Boundless Space.

“But these wonders need not be considered by us in this discourse; nor can we consider the final dissolution of the Kosmos.

“What then is the first step in the acts of Creation and evolution? It is the division of the Vault above from the Abyss below, and the formation of seven circles, each containing a creative God within; the Heavenly Mansions, or Seven Zones. In this way a Kosmic or Solar System is prepared, seemingly complete in itself, arising from a single Supreme and Concealed Logos, and sustained by His Life through the medium of the Seven Creators; one in each Zone.

“An example of this is our own Solar System, of which the Sun is the lowest manifestation of the Logos as it acts as the centre of His Kosmos. It is the life-giving, controlling, regulative, coordinative, all-pervading central power. It reflects visibly the highest state of the Universal Presence, the Supreme Deity, and exhibits the first, or lowest, state of the seventh.

“All central Suns in every Kosmos are in their physical or objective substance the lowest state of the first Principle of the Breath, or the Word; or may be called the lowest state of the physical body of the Logos. They pour forth the Life of the Lord to His Kosmos, and all the physical forces and energies are but transmutations of the vital fluid of the Supreme Deity passing through, or reflected by, the Sun.

“We may term the Sun the Heart of the physical Kosmos, which again is reflected in its spiritual counterpart by the light of the Moon. The Sun is thus the material, male representative and principal part of the physical Kosmos, and the Moon the symbol of the spiritual and female part. The latter is also the dwelling-place of the spirits of men.

“For these reasons the Sun has stood as the symbol of the Creator in many of the ancient religions; this referring to the physical creation of the Kosmos in general, and, with man, to the earth and all that is in it, in particular.

“The Moon, on the other hand, has always been the symbol of the Divine Lady, the Mother of the Gods, the Holy Spouse of God the Supreme.

“When the Logos appears, this appearance heralds the birth-hour of a Kosmos, and the One manifested Life of the Kosmos is God, the manifested Lord.

“The Auric Envelope which contains the Kosmos within its shell, is exactly similar to an atom, which contains within its glowing outer covering a central sun, around which whirl a number of minute planets called electrons. Both Auric Envelope and atom are ovoid, or egg-shaped in form. For this reason the Kosmos is often referred to as the Auric Egg.

“As the huge planets of the Kosmic System within the Auric Envelope are each ruled by a Planetary Logos—God’s own Viceroys—so are the minute planets within the atom also ruled by planetary Lords.

“Understand well that the terms ‘huge’ and ‘minute’ are only concepts of the mortal mind and have an entirely different meaning to God; just as Time and Space cannot be properly understood by the finite understanding of the human ego.

“The first requisite in the building of a Kosmos, therefore, is the creation of the Auric Envelope. This is a material projection from God’s spiritual mind; an image, a thought-form; obtaining material shape and substance by means of God’s Will, which dwells in the Divine Light, from the radiance of which—it being in perpetual motion—comes the Breath, whence emanates the primordial Light in which is manifested Eternal Thought concealed in darkness; and this becomes the WORD of Creation. From this Word, or Mantram, not only the Auric Envelope, but the whole Kosmos comes into manifestation. For within the Envelope the Concealed Logos radiates a Ray which fructifies the germs of Sun and Planets in formation; and the Essence of this Ray expands, giving birth to Planetary Logoi, from whose Minds all things are born.

“Before the Planets are made there is Chaos; all the Essences of the future material worlds being in a state of flux; unformed. These are the ‘Waters over which brooded the Spirit of God,’ and all is darkness, needing the Breath of God to become Light. As the Auric Shell is lit up by that Light, the Word rings forth and comes into manifestation by the act of generation or production. What seems chaos to the human intellect is the eternal Root of Spiritual Wisdom. In this—the Waters of Life—are created, or re-awakened the primordial germs by means of the primordial Light. Thus, the Divine Spirit moves on the Waters of Space within the Auric Envelope and fructifies and infuses the Breath of Life into that germ, which becomes the centre in which the male planetary Logos is created; and from this the first Lord of Beings emerges and becomes the progenitor of mankind.