The Golden Star


The Kosmos

“These Seven Powers, or Sons, born from the Mother, or Darkness, are represented by the seven Planets. The Sun is not amongst these Seven as He came before the others.

“The Father—or Space—is the Eternal Cause of all, the Incomprehensible Deity whose invisible Robes are the mystic Root of all Matter, and of the Universe; the Robes consisting of undifferentiated Matter. It is this pre-Kosmic Root-substance which is that aspect of the Absolute which underlies all the subjective planes of Nature.

“The Universe is worked from within outwards. Every external motion, act or gesture, whether voluntary or mechanical, organic or mental, is produced and preceded by internal feeling or emotion, will or volition, and thought or mind. So also is the whole Kosmos guided and controlled, and animated by an almost endless series of Hierarchies of sentient Beings, each having a mission to perform as agents of the Cosmic Laws.

“The Universe, as well as a Kosmos, is in reality but a huge aggregation of various states of consciousness entirely compounded of septenary groups; for the capacity of perception exists in seven different aspects, corresponding to the seven conditions of matter, or the seven properties or states of it. Therefore, the series from one to seven begins in the Esoteric Calculations with the first manifested principle, which is number one if we commence from above, and number seven when reckoning from below, or from the lowest principle.

“The genesis of Gods and men takes rise from one and the same Point; which is the One Universal, Eternal and Absolute Unity. In the sphere of objectivity and Physics it becomes Primordial Substance and Force; male and female. In Metaphysics it becomes the Spirit of the Universe, or Cosmic Ideation; sometimes called the Logos; who is the apex of the Pythagorean Triangle.

“To each of the seven chief planets there is a Regent, who supervises the creative work of the Terrestrial Spirits. These Regents are the self-born Seven Sons of God, the Dhyân Chohans, or Pitris, who are the Fathers of the Chhâyâs, born from the brilliant bodies of the seven Lords. The Chhâyâs are called the Shadows, as you know.

“Of the seven Lords three were Holy and good, but four less Heavenly, and full of passion; and the Chhâyâs, the Phantoms, were of the same natures as their Fathers. Thus we account for the same differences in human nature, which is also divided in seven gradations of good and evil.

“Out of Space the Regents are born, and Space is called the Mother, before its cosmic activity, and Father–Mother at the first stage of awakening; after which it becomes Father–Mother–Son.

“And so all the planets are ruled by forces, originating in the first Seven Lords; which forces operate for good or evil, and imprint their likenesses on our minds, nerves, marrow, veins, arteries, and our very brain-substance at the moment of drawing the first breath. We remain in their charge for as long as we live; and as the planets whirl in space, so change our conditions of mind, which can lead us on to overthrow states or individuals, according to the manner in which these potencies direct and influence us, and we react to them!

“When we speak of Divine Thought, that does not imply the idea of a Divine Thinker, but of Absolute Being; with the past and future crystallized in an eternal Present.

“God is not Ego, or Non-Ego, nor is it consciousness; but though not itself an object of knowledge, it is capable of supporting and giving rise to every kind of object and existence which become objects of knowledge. It is the One Essence from which starts into existence a centre of energy. And so there is only one religion: the Worship of God’s Spirit.

“The first condensation of Kosmic Matter took place about a central nucleus, its parent Sun; but our Sun (as well as all the other planets later on) detached itself from the rotating mass of that parent Sun as it contracted, and he is therefore the elder brother of the planets—being the firstborn—and not their Father.

“After the Ray drops into the great Kosmic Depths at the first thrill of the new Dawn, it re-emerges as the New Life to be until the end of that Kosmic Cycle; the Germ of all things and Beings; the generator of Light and Life; the Blazing Dragon of Wisdom; the Word, the Thought Divine. He who bathes in this Light but once will never again be deceived by the Veil of Illusion. The Germ of all things—the World Germ—is that matter which consists of spiritual particles, or supersensuous matter, existing in a state of primeval differentiation. In Theogony every seed is an eternal organism, from which evolves later on a Celestial Being—a God.

“The Globes to be, appear first as a long trail of Cosmic dust, or fire-mist, which moves and writhes like a serpent in Space. This Truth became the symbol of the ancient Nations, where it was taught that the Spirit of God, moving on Chaos, did so in the shape of a fiery serpent, breathing fire and light upon the primordial waters, until it had incubated cosmic matter and made it assume the annular shape of a serpent with its tail in its mouth; a glyph which symbolizes not only eternity and infinitude, but also the globular shape of all the planetary bodies formed within the Universe from that fiery mist.

“Chaos, Logos, and Kosmos are but the three symbols of their synthesis—which is Space.

“Matter is only Primordial at the beginning of every new reconstruction of a Universe; but as it is indestructible it is also eternal—without beginning or end; and it is the Root of all material phenomena; the Divine Essence, or Substance.

“The radiations of Matter are periodically aggregated into graduated forms; from pure spirit to gross matter, and in its abstract presence is the Deity Itself; the Ineffable and unknown ONE Cause. The ‘Darkness’ which ‘was upon the face of the earth,’ is the absolute Light, and the Root of the seven fundamental Kosmic Principles. In this sense it is the Deity Itself, as we stated before. Chaos is a shapeless liquid principle without form, sense or perception.

“Spirit is the all-vivifying intellectual principle.

“From the union of the two sprang into existence the Kosmos; chaotic Matter becoming its body. From this union with Spirit, matter obtained sense and ‘shone with pleasure,’ and thus came into being the firstborn Light; the triangle of Spirit, Intellect and Matter; or Soul, Mind and Body.

“This triangle can be applied to all inner and outer manifestations within and without the Kosmos.

“Thus the Sun itself is three in one; namely, the Central Sun—hidden from all but the Initiate—being the universal cause of all, Sovereign Good and Perfection, the emblem and inner being of the Concealed Deity.

“The second part of the Sun is paramount Intelligence or Wisdom, and it has dominion over all thinking beings. The third part is our Sun, visible to mankind and manifesting in the material Kosmos.

“In other words, the inner Sun is the Grand Logos of the Universe, from whom the pure energy of Solar Intelligence proceeds; which is the Spirit Force which produces all through the visible Sun, and never operates through any other medium.

“For this reason the divinely inspired Philolaus, the Pythagorean said that: ‘The sun is the mirror of Fire, the splendour of whose flames by their reflection in that mirror is poured upon us, and that splendour we call image.’ Thus he referred in a hidden, or occult manner to the central, spiritual Sun, whose beams and effulgence are only mirrored by the central star of the Kosmos—our visible Sun.

triangle upwards“The triangle with one point upwards also represents the three higher planes of the septenary Kosmos, and the Divine and formless Worlds of Spirit. triangle downwardsWhereas the triangle with one point downwards represents the Archetypal World, the Intellectual creative world, and the substantial or formative World. The rays from these three latter worlds descend upon the seventh plane—our Earth—the physical or material world.

two interlaced triangles with a dot in the centre“The two interlaced triangles with a dot in the centre could therefore be a symbol of the earth, surrounded by the six higher planes, from which all inspiration and all energy is poured down upon the seventh.

“The three higher planes being the abodes of divine and formless spirit cannot be known or understood by the beings on the physical plane; and the Archetypal World is not the world as it existed in the Mind of the Deity, in the sense that the Platonists gave to it, but in that it is the first model of the World to be, which will be followed and improved upon by the Worlds which succeed it physically. But these latter Worlds, being projected in the material, lose in purity to the same extent that which they gain in material solidity.

“The seven fundamental transformations of the Planets, or of their constituent particles of matter are:

  1. Homogeneous.
  2. Aëriform and radiant, or gaseous.
  3. Nebulous.
  4. Atomic, ethereal—beginning of motion, hence of differentiation.
  5. Germinal, fiery, differentiated, but composed of the germs only of the Elements in their earliest states; they having seven states when completely developed on our earth.
  6. Fourfold, vapoury; the future Earth.
  7. Cold—and depending on the Sun for Life and Light.

“The first seven Lords are referred to in the Phoenician mythology as the seven Sons of Sydik, or Melchizedek; identical with the seven Elohim, the seven Kabiri, or the seven Sons of Ptah of the Egyptians, and the seven spirits of Ra in the Book of the Dead. In Assyria they were the seven Lumazi, or the seven Ili; always they are seven in number; the firstborn—parentless—of the Mother in Space, or of Chaos.

“Space and Time are the sources of all that IS.