The Golden Star


The Kosmos

“From being powers of the air the Gods were promoted to become timekeepers for man, and seven constellations were assigned to them. These first seven Stars are not Planetary, for they are the leading Stars of seven constellations which turned round in the Great Bear in describing the circle of the year. There are two such constellations, the second being the Lesser Bear, whose stars were called the seven heads of the Polar Dragon; or the Beast with the Seven Heads of Revelation and the Akkadian Hymns.

“Victor Cousin has said: ‘Ideas are objects of pure conception for the human reason, and they are attributes of the Divine Reason.

“Plato adds that: ‘God formed things as they first arose according to forms and numbers.’

“All the laws of nature assume the form of quantitative statements; this affirms the Pythagorean doctrine; for numbers are the best representations of the laws of harmony which pervade the Kosmos and the Universe.

“It has been said that the World is, through all its departments, a living arithmetic in its development, a realized geometry of unity in multiplicity; the one evolving the many and pervading the many. St. Paul confirms this when he says that: ‘Out of Him and through Him and in Him all things are.’

mystic decad“The mystic Decad 1+2+3+4 = 10 is a way of expressing this idea. One being God, or Spirit; two, matter; three, combining Spirit and Matter and partaking of the nature of both, and four, being the phenomenal World. Therefore, the Decad—or Ten—is the sum of all and involves the entire Kosmos.

“The Seven Principles are reflected in man and they are the seven powers in nature, physically; and the seven Hierarchies are reflected ethereally and spiritually within the Mind of man.

“The combination of powers and the attunement of the Microcosm will give the geometrical equivalent of the invocation: ‘A-UM MA-NI PAD-ME HUM.’

“The seven cycles of evolution in sevenfold Nature are:

  1. The spiritual, or divine.
  2. The psychic, or semi-divine.
  3. The intellectual.
  4. The passional.
  5. The instinctual, or cognitional.
  6. The semi-corporeal, or astral.
  7. The purely material, or physical.

“Thus we see creation proceeding in seven steps, and the first creation is the primordial self-evolution of that which has to become the Divine Mind, conscious and intelligent; esoterically the Spirit of the Universal Soul. It proceeds from the One who is neither first nor last, but All. Exoterically, it is the work of the Supreme One; a natural effect of an Eternal Cause.

“The second Creation is the period of the first Breath of Differentiation of the Pre-Cosmic Elements, or Matter. At this stage the second Hierarchy appears; the Dhyân Chohans, or Devas, who are the origin of form; the Rishis who become the informing Souls of the Seven Stars. This is during the Fire-Mist Period, the first stage of Cosmic Life after its Chaotic state, when Atoms issue from Laya.

“The third step is the Organic Creation, or the creation of the Senses. It abounds with the quality of goodness and is the creation of the first Immortals.

“The fourth Creation is the organic evolution of the Vegetable Kingdom from the latent Kingdom of Minerals. It is the middle point between the three higher and the three lower Kingdoms, which represent the seven esoteric Kingdoms of Kosmos, and of Earth.

“The fifth Creation is that of the germ of awakening consciousness and apperception, already faintly traceable in some sensitive plants on Earth. It is the creation of the animals. It is at this period of evolution that the absolutely eternal universal motion, or vibration, that which is called in Esoteric language the ‘Great Breath,’ differentiates into the primordial, first manifested Atom.

“The sixth Creation is that of the Divinities who are the Prototypes of the First Race of Man. They are the Fathers of the coming Race in the—at that period—far distant future.

“The seventh Step is the creation of Man, complete in every way, and fully responsible for all his thoughts and actions.

“Let it be well understood that in Occult Metaphysics there are two Gods. The One, Unknown, unreachable Plane of Absoluteness and Infinity about whom nothing can be known; and the second God on the Plane of Emanations. This cannot be emphasised too often. The former God—the Supreme Deity—can neither emanate nor be divided, as He is eternal, absolute and immutable; but the second, being the reflection of the First One, can do so, for He is the Supreme Logos in the Universe of Illusion.

“From the ONE Essence comes into existence a centre of energy—who is called the Word and is also the Divine Christos, who is eternal in the bosom of His Father.

“And again: the Word, or Verbum, is the female Logos, and is represented by the Noumenal aspects of Light, Sound and Ether.

“As the Logos reflects all in the Universe of Plerôma, so man reflects in himself all that he sees in his Universe, the Earth.

“After the Breath, or the Word, has rung forth, Kosmic Matter scatters and forms itself into Elements, for the Great Breath is the perpetual Motion of the Universe in the limitless, ever-present Space.

“The Breath of Heaven—or the Breath of Life—is also in every animal, in every animated speck, and in every atom. But none of those have—like man—consciousness of the Highest Being. The Breath is the OEAOHOO, the whirlwind of ceaseless Cosmic Motion, the Force that moves it. Therefore, there is a regular contraction and expansion of the infinite and shoreless ocean of Matter; a pulsatory movement, which causes the universal vibration of all atoms. There is no rest or cessation of movement in Nature. But the Planets move by their own internal motion, for there is a plurality of forces proceeding from the Deity which possess inherent powers of their own.

“During the great mystery and drama of Life, the real Kosmos is like the figures thrown upon a white screen in the form of shadows. The actual figures and things remain invisible, and in this manner men and things are but the reflections on the white screen of the realities, or rather, the actualities, which lie behind the Great Illusion.

“Nothing is created; it is only transformed. Nothing can manifest itself in this universe, from the greatest planet or star down to a rapid thought, that was not in the Universe already. On the subjective plane there exists an eternal is, an eternal being, in spite of many spiritual transformations; and on the objective plane there is an ever-becoming, because all is transitory. At the same time, Nature, taken in its abstract sense, cannot be ‘unconscious,’ as it is an emanation from the Absolute Consciousness, and thus an aspect of it on the manifested plane.

Actuality is hidden behind the Cosmic Veil, which is the mighty expanse of Cosmic Matter. It is an organ in Kosmic Creation through which radiate the Energy and Wisdom of the Unknown first Creator; who is as unknown to the Logoi of the Kosmos as He is to ourselves, and as the Logoi are unknown to mankind.

“Only in the light of Consciousness, and of mental and physical perception can practical Occultism throw the Logoi into visibility by means of geometrical figures, which, when closely studied, will yield not only a scientific explanation of the real and actual existence of the Seven Sons of Divine Wisdom—which proceed from the Unknown First God and the Light of the Kosmos—but it will show that these Seven Sons, and their numberless emanations, centres of personified energy, are an absolute necessity, without whom there could be no Kosmos at all. This, in spite of the fact that esoterically all the forces, such as light, heat, electricity, etc., are called the Gods.

“There are three Chief Groups of Builders in the Kosmos, and three Chief Groups of Planetary Spirits; each Group again being divided into seven sub groups.

“The Builders, or Creators, are the representatives of the first Mind-born Entities, the first Seven Sons. The first group rebuild every Kosmic System after each Night of Brahmâ, or period of 4,320,000,000 mortal years; the second group is known as the Architects of our Planetary Chain; and the third group consists of the Progenitors of our humanity.

“The Planetary Spirits rule the destiny of men who are born under one or other of their constellations.

“When we speak of Æther and Primordial Substance, we touch upon the Alpha and the Omega of Being; yet they are but two facts of the One Absolute Existence. Æther is the Astral Light; Primordial Substance is Matter. At the same time Æther is one of the lower principles of Primordial Substance.

“In Cosmic Substance we can spiritually sense Divine Thought by the numberless manifestations of Matter; the meaning of Divine Thought can never be explained nor defined in any other way—and there are but few who can sense it thus.

“That which we here discuss, however, relates only to our own visible Kosmos; the secrets of the Universal Kosmos are so deep that even the Highest Angels of our Kosmos could not know them, as they have never penetrated the mysteries beyond our boundaries that separate the millions of Solar Systems, each a Kosmos in itself, from the great Central Sun. We can only say here that each Universal Kosmos, or galactic system, has a central Sun, and with the modern telescopes now in use there can be found evidence of between 50 and 100 million extra galactic nebulae which are outside our own system in an area of approximately one-thousand million light-years in extent. The great central Suns in these galactic systems cause Fohat to collect primordial dust, clouds of which can be observed in the Milky Way, in the form of the so-called dark nebulae; and this dust is concentrated in the form of balls, which are impelled by Fohat to move in converging lines, and finally to approach each other and aggregate.