The Golden Star


The Kosmos

“Compare the human aspects or principles with the Kosmic aspects or principles, and the triple aspect of the Deity reflected from above to below. We find that the unmanifested Deity is reflected in the Universal Spirit; the Universal latent Ideation in the Spiritual Soul; and the Universal or Cosmic active intelligence in the human Soul. These are the three aspects of the Deity, reflected in man.

“We find that the Spirit of the Earth, Jehovah, Noah, or whatever other appellation you may choose, rules the Space containing Life, and His Kosmic or Chaotic Energy is reflected in the animal Soul; the Astral Ideation, reflecting terrestrial things is found in the Astral body; the Life-Essence of Jehovah is reflected in the Life-Essence of Man; and the Earth is reflected in the body.

“Everything that is, is double; mortal and immortal; material body and Astral body; Light and Darkness. Whatsoever is in the Mind of God is unalterable; all that is reflected upon Earth is subject to change. The earthly reflections can reflect back to Heaven by reaching out or going within.

“The things that are, exist first in the Spiritual Conception, and fall later on into generation on the material plane. In the Soul of God exists the Soul of the World to come; in the Minds of the Logoi exist the creative and intellectual faculties; in the Astral World is the formative or Astral world or body; from the physical body of the Gods come the reflected bodies of the material planets, things and beings.

“The seven globes of our Kosmos form a planetary ring or chain. This chain passes through seven distinct stages in its evolution, and they disintegrate and are reformed seven times during the planetary lives. Every such Chain of Worlds is the progeny and creation of another and lower chain, and its reincarnation. These seven incarnations make up the planetary evolutions, the Realm of a Planetary Logos. As there are seven such Logoi, it will be seen that seven of these Planetary evolutions—each distinct from the others—make up the Solar System. As it is described in one of the ancient teachings: ‘From one Light Seven Lights; from each of the seven, seven times seven.’

“On each single globe evolve seven races of humanity, together with six other, non-human kingdoms, interdependent on each other. In the first round of the evolution of a globe, fire is the element, and the archetypal forms of minerals are brought down, to be completed in their densest form of the fourth round. In the second round air is the element and the vegetable kingdom is established, and in the fifth round it will reach perfection.

“In the third round there is the human archetypal form of man; ape-like and covered with hairy bristles. The archetypal forms of animals are brought down, and in the sixth round they will reach perfection. Water is the characteristic of this round. The fourth round is devoted to the archetypal forms of man as he is known today, to reach perfection in the seventh round. Earth is the element of this round; dense and in its most material form.”

The speaker paused here, and, regarding his audience, stood still as if in deepest meditation. There was no sound or movement, but gradually the great hall seemed to darken, until only the shining and scintillating aura of the priest was visible and all other forms had faded away into nothingness. And presently even that radiant combination of glowing rings around him began to flicker and grow dim, until suddenly a deep and solid darkness and utter silence reigned.

In sudden fright, Ma-u and Ma-uti tried to take hold of each other's hands, but to their great consternation they realized that not only could they not find each other, but that they had no material body left either, and to both it seemed as if they were afloat in a vastness of inky blackness so immense that there were no boundaries to it anywhere.

Utterly alone they were in Space, shackled to the dark, unable to move or speak; two lost souls, petrified with terror.

And where was Neteru-Hem? Had he too forsaken them; or was he equally lost and helpless?

But after a while they remembered his warning before the lecture commenced, when he said: ‘Be not afraid, he is a great Master and has tremendous powers; trust him, do not be alarmed.’ And as soon as they remembered these words there shone in every direction a host of twinkling stars. They were above, below, and uncountable in their numberless millions; comforting with their friendly brilliant lustre; but there was no moon anywhere!

In the meantime, the silence was more dreadful than the loudest sound, though of unimaginable grandeur and power. Filled it was with awe and wonder, as if the Thought of God Himself was frozen, and His Whisper, which at times will reach the listening soul, was stilled for ever. It was the kind of silence in which mighty things are brooding; and thought builds up on thought with secret potency of unseen essence of the spirit of creative force, which raises mighty citadels and temples, bedecked with inspiration’s glowing symmetry and grace, emblazoned with the glory of poetic exaltation. Yet it was lonely and remote, and filled with longing for that sweet companionship of sympathetic understanding which only kindred souls can give, one to another.

And still that dreadful vault of darkness spreading everywhere, no nearer bourn than those far stars, illimitable distances away; whilst in that silent void, immovable, Ma-uti and Ma-u awaited they knew not what; and once again a sense of dread foreboding rose up within their souls.

Without any warning an indescribable thrill is suddenly felt within the dark; a rippling wave of tremulous motion seems to agitate the mystic gloom, undulating through the black massed solitudes, and then a booming but melodious thunder shatters echoing through the wide expanse, but sonorous in its pealing; rousing . . . vast intensity of glory!

The WORD rings out in all the awful grandeur of the descant melody of Unknown Deity; Mighty Lord, beyond all comprehension, Holy beyond all Holiness, Sacred beyond all Sanctity; the Paraclete; the Highest Point of Blesséd Trinity; beyond the consecrated depths of Wisdom of His Viceroys in the Kosmic Realms themselves.

Peal after peal, majestic thunder of the Word resounds within these catacombs of gloom. Impelling, awakening, until is felt a heavier tremour running through the seeming emptiness of Night; as if with mighty sweeps of monstrous pinions a million thousand-wingéd Giant Bats soar up from out the threat’ning caverns of the sullen mountain-chains of ebon death that seem to rise up from the deeps of Kosmic emptiness.

A hissing sound is heard; as if a regiment of savage horsemen, riding to assault, draw out in one concerted action curved scimitars from silver scabbards.

A swirling, undulating wave of unrest rolls in restless billows, rising from the boundless deeps, and heaving high towards the domes of stars so far away.

And still the Word rings out; its seven times seven times seven syllables a-chant like tolling bells and Choirs of singing Angels, and throbbing of great drums, and from out the interstellar realms shoots forth a mighty beam of brilliant light, which penetrates the masséd fortresses of darkness and of Chaos. Swift and sure it stabs the gloom, like gleam of ent’ring sword in quiv’ring body.

Within the core of that vast aggregation of thick precosmic density a mighty Fire has been lit, which roars and leaps with Life. The blinding flames rise up and swirl and dance with joy and gladness, whilst clouds of Kosmic Dust descend into the flames from all directions, and ever higher leap the roaring tongues of fire, and vaster becomes the conflagration until a central Sun is formed within the Kosmic Deep, a glowing ball of incandescence, slowly turning round upon itself and lighting up the vast and hollow caves within the starry fields, till, one by one they disappear from sight, and Night gives way to glorious Light, which streams from that vast Lamp of God in answer to the ringing Word.

And there is Light and Life and Joy where darkness reigned before. The bats of night have gone away and will be seen no more as long as Bright Face, Son of Dark Space, rules supreme within that Auric Shell of God’s Creation.

And now the great Wheel spins and turns upon its axis; vaster and vaster it spins and gains momentum. And ever brighter shines the Fire of Joy, and great infinitudes expand, and sweet they are and pleasant. And out of the Fire rise up the Fiery Spirits which rise above and join each other. One by one they rise up, and first of all there comes a Shining One—Firstborn is He—who takes his central place within the Space, and there He stands, forever fixed, and smiling brilliantly upon the firmament and eke within the Circle. And seven more of these great Beings come out and form a mighty Chain; and soon they also turn upon themselves, and turn around the Central One in giant orbits, doing Homage to their Elder Brother as long as Time will last in Space and Light.

And ever burns the Central Fire, awakened first by that great Beam of Light from God—but now invisible. The Heavens do rejoice, and as the Shining Ones proceed along their fiery Paths there sings a Choir Celestial, made up from the resounding Voices of the jubilant Seven Sons: the Music of the Spheres.