The Golden Star




Out of the Highest, Unknown, Deity,
A Holy Essence forms in Hidden Logos.
A Secret Spring—from which come forth
The Seven Shining Sons
Who sparkle in the deep-blue sky,
And scintillate with gleaming Fire;
Beholding far below the waving Veils
That hide the Earth in shrouds fallacious,
In Fantasies, Deceptions of the Mind,
Concealing Radiant Truth.
*       *       *
O, may the Light now penetrate within the lowest worlds,
And cleanse away with Purifying Flame
All sin of ignorance and lack of comprehension.
And may the Blessings of Enlightenment
And Love and Wisdom bring the PEACE
To all the dwellers in the dark;
And lift them up towards the Glories
Of that Great Paraclete, the Ruler of the Universe,
Divine of Breath and full of Sacredness
Beyond all human apprehension.


It was an Apocalypse of Glory! An Empire of Absolute Being; affirming Itself eternally to its own immeasurable nobility of Divine Spirit; so far removed from the hydra-headed breed of Earth and the Spectres on the Threshold.

No more were seen the offspring of Unreason and the Hadean Night, nor the dwellers in the lower worlds—reflections cast upon the mist of the abyss, phantoms painted on the Veil of Illusion.

If only Ma-u and Ma-uti might stay here for ever they thought; and they looked upon the Messenger with pleading eyes. But this was not to be as yet, and they both realized that soon the moment must come when Neteru-Hem would lead them back to the lower regions, so that they could spread the Message of what they had seen and heard.

An old Message, yet ever new; for Man forgets too soon the Holy Teachings, or tries to fit new explanations to the Golden Truths, which never alter!

Most men are blind, and there is, too, the ever-rising tide of younger souls, ascending like a mist from the morass of the material. All have to learn their lessons and climb the heights with painful effort and leaden feet; and with every upward step they take, there spread below them clouds of younger souls in never ending waves.

“Creation is as eternal as Eternity,” said Neteru-Hem. “Although it proceeds in gigantic Cycles of activity and rest, it never really ceases; for as one Cycle slows down, another recommences in the Universe; every Kosmos being equivalent to an almost invisible atom in Space, when viewed from the standpoint of Space-Dimensions, which in itself is a contradiction in terms, for Space—being both without beginning and end—can have no dimensions as understood in human terms of reasoning and is as eternal as what is understood by time.

“When people talk about the Central Sun of the Universe being the Abode of the Invisible Deity and have no idea of what the Occult meaning of this concept is, they are misled by their own limited conceptions of what a ‘Universe’ represents in Time and Space, Creation and Eternity. The NUMBER of Universes in Space is equally of such magnitude that here again we meet Eternity in a new form; that of a Number which—although it never had a beginning—has no end either; therefore, it becomes NO-number, and a Circle, as in the end it returns into itself: everything moving and evolving in circles, ovoids, and spirals in cyclic evolution of the Universes of Spirit and Matter—which are One!

“And Universes do not fall in Space at a terrific rate, nor contract, nor expand as science believes, formulating one theory after another, but they ever RISE spirally and during their ascent they awake and go to rest periodically—but ever on the UPWARD grade in cyclic Curves which narrow gradually until the unimaginable Apex is reached!

“And these untold myriads of Universes all follow the same Laws of motion, repulsion and attraction, and they again turn eternally around a still more gigantic Central Sun—the Abode of a still more mighty and Invisible Deity. And so on for ever and ever, without beginning or end.

“When we consider the Mystery of the One Concealed Deity, we are confronted with yet another Eternity—that of Mighty, Hidden Gods; each one more sublime, regal and majestic in his Grandeur than the one before, also without beginning or end. Yet all is in absolute unity, for as the Deity is Absolute, it must be omnipresent also; for as you have already learned, there is not an atom but contains IT within itself.

“The Kabala teaches that the Deity is One, because IT is infinite. It is triple, because IT is ever manifesting. It is triple in the manifestation of its aspects, for, as Aristotle says, it requires three principles for every natural body to become objective, namely, privation, form, and matter; privation, in the terms of Aristotle, meaning that which Occultism calls the prototypes impressed in the Astral Light—the lowest plane and world of the World-Soul.

“These principles can only be united by a fourth: that of Life; which radiates from the summits of the Unreachable, to become a universally diffused Essence on the manifested planes of Existence.”

“Is there no end to the evolving Monads, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-uti.

“There is a limit, my child, although the Hosts of more or less progressed Monads are almost incalculable. But in spite of their numbers they are still finite in number and being, as all material things are finite. Through their assimilation of many successive Personalities they grow more and more perfect; and gradually they return to their Source—the Absolute Deity. But these limits apply only to each Universe as it evolves and becomes perfect. There is no limit to the number of newly evolving Universes, and they always were and will be.

“The seeming Eternity of these Monadic Pilgrims is but a moment in actual Eternity. Worlds, Solar Systems, and Universes are in appearance like a regular tidal ebb of flux and reflux.

“Just as these ebbs and flows have been observed by physical science and recorded in all departments of nature, so they appear and disappear in rhythms of the most colossal dimensions of Spirit and Matter in the Universe of Universes. No Divine Soul can have an independent conscious existence before the spark, which issued from the pure Essence of God, has passed through every elemental form of the phenomenal world of the great Life-Wave of a Logos, and has acquired individuality, first by natural impulse, and then by self-induced and self-devised efforts, thus ascending through all the degrees of intelligence, from the lowest to the highest. Until at last they bathe in the Light of God, and can nevermore be deceived by the Veil of Illusion.