The Golden Star


The Kosmos

“It is from this primary sevenfold division that our Kosmos takes on its sevenfold character, and all the subsequent divisions in their descending order reproduce this seven-keyed scale.

“Below each of the seven Logoi come the lower Hierarchies of Intelligences who form the governing Body of God’s Kingdom. They are known by many names, and there are also the vast hosts of the builders, who shape and fashion all forms after the Ideas that dwell within the treasure-house of the mind of the Hidden Logos. These ideas pass from Him to the Seven, each of whom plans out His own Realm, under the Supreme direction of that God; but who give to each of their various own and separate Realms their Own individual colouring. These Seven Realms are called the Laya centres, and are the seven Zero points, which indicate starting points at which the scales of reckoning of differentiations begin. From the Laya centres, beyond which we may perceive a dim metaphysical outline of the ‘Seven Sons’ of Life and the Seven Logoi of the Hermetic and all other Philosophies, begins the differentiation of the elements which enter into the constitution of our Solar System.

“Whatsoever quits the Laya State becomes active Life; it is drawn into the vortex of Motion, but before evolution begins, nature is in a condition of Laya; or of absolute homogeneity. No World, and no Heavenly body could be constructed on the objective plane, had not the Elements been already sufficiently differentiated from their primeval Ilus, the Mother resting in Laya, which is a synonym for Nirvâna. It is, in fact, the Nirvânic dissociation of all substances, merged after a Life-Cycle into the latency of their primary conditions. It is the luminous but bodiless shadow of Matter that was; the realm of negativeness—wherein lie latent during their period of rest the active Forces of the Kosmos that is to be!

“But, you must also understand that the Worlds are built neither upon, nor over, nor in the Laya Centres; the Zero-point of a Laya Centre being a condition, not a mathematical point. A Kosmos is the realm of planetary evolution of a stupendous character, the field in which are lived out the stages of a life of which a physical planet, such as Venus or Mars, is but a transient embodiment; the same can be said of each Laya Centre.

“In each Laya Centre there is an Evolver, or Ruler, whom we may think of as a Planetary Logos. He draws from the matter of the Solar System, which is poured out from the Central Hidden Logos Himself, the crude materials He requires, and elaborates them by His own Life energies; each Planetary Logos thus manipulating the matter of His own Realm in His own special manner and drawing it from the common stock, as it were. As the atomic state in each of the seven planes of His Kingdom is identical with the matter of each sub-plane of the whole Solar Kosmos, continuity is established throughout the whole. Atoms change their combining equivalents on every planet, although they themselves are identical. Each atom has also seven planes of being, the same as our Kosmos.

“But when we compare an atom to a Kosmos, we should also remember that the Solar System is as much the Microcosm of the One Macrocosm, as man is the former when compared with his own Solar Kosmos. As each atom has seven planes of being, or existence, so each of these planes is governed by its specific laws of evolution and absorption. In each atom there is internal as well as external heat; remember this when presently we discuss Fohat.

“Before we proceed with our discussion of the Kosmos, let us consider the atom a little more closely; it will be useful to arrive at a better understanding of the Kosmos later on.

“You know that each atom has a central sun around which whirl a greater or lesser number of planets, called electrons. To man, the electron is so small that it is as yet beyond the domain of any visual detection (*see Publisher’s note in sidebar); for no light-waves are small enough to be used in forming an image. Even if lenses for γ-rays were available, these would be 100 times too long in wavelength to be used in viewing the electron. In spite of this, modern science on earth has succeeded in establishing the charge and mass of the electron; this ‘new’ constituent, as it is called! At the same time science thinks that the electron has not any of the properties of ‘ordinary’ material. One is tempted to ask: ‘when does matter—as such, become extra-ordinary?’ Science has two modes of approach to the problem of size. One is the study of collision processes; but here science is at once confronted with a difficulty; for first of all the electron is the lightest particle of matter known, and furthermore it is charged with electricity. Therefore, the only way to study it would be by comparison with other electrons. But the charges of electricity make this very difficult, for there are no laws known which are infallible when applied to the collision processes between electrons. Some guesses can be made as to their dimensions, however, from collision processes between the more massive atomic constituents; and it is assumed that an electron must have a radius, defined by the change of inverse-square law of repulsive force to one of a higher order, within certain limits of the centre. Since ordinary inertial matter is made up of nuclei, and electrons are separated by distances, large compared to the dimensions of electrons and nuclei, it is futile to attempt to describe the space dimensions of these particles in terms of the criteria applied to ordinary objects. Therefore, another line of attack is sought in order to find the size of an electron. It is assumed that the electron is not a piece of matter with ordinary gravitational inertia or mass . . . whatever that may be.

“But since the electron has inertia, or mass, it is believed that the whole mass or inertia lies in its electromagnetic field. This field, comprising its hypothetical lines of force, extends through all Space.

“Here again, we have a subconscious allusion to Fohat.

“If the electron is to be set in motion it must be accelerated. Such acceleration means that an electromagnetic disturbance, readjusting the force fields about an electron, must be propagated throughout all Space with the Velocity of light. This leads to the concept that the inertia of the electron may lie in its opposition to the readjustment of its status in nature. This inertia can be calculated from laws derived from Maxwell’s laws of electrodynamics. The resulting equations then give the radius of a sphere within which all the electrical charge of an electron must reside to possess the observed inertia, or mass, which has been measured.

“In other words, assuming that all the inertia of an electron lies in its electromagnetic field, one can calculate the radius of a sphere in which its charge must be concentrated to give the observed mass.

“In like manner it has been discovered that the electron has a magnetic momentum of its own, and that it rotates in an orbit. A tendency for two electrons to pair has also been manifested, as in the case of two with a parallel and anti-parallel spin.

“Thus, science is beginning to discover the Occult Laws which have been known for thousands of years, and it now comes to the conclusions of the Ancients, though using different methods and technical terms, when it seeks to penetrate into the mysteries of nature.

“As above, so below; and as below, so above.

“The phenomena observed in the study of electrons are similar to the phenomena in the creation of a Kosmos.

“But Science does not realize that Matter is not an independent reality, and neither is Spirit. Both are symbols or aspects of the Absolute, which constitute the basis of conditioned Being, whether subjective or objective.

“This applies also to the Elements mentioned by Plato and Aristotle. They are the same as the incorporeal principles attached to the four great divisions of our Kosmic World; and in the ancient times they used a species of Magism, a psychic paganism, and a deification of potencies: a spiritualisation which placed the believers in a close community with these potencies. So close, indeed, that the Hierarchies of these Potencies, or Forces, have been classified on a graduated scale of seven; from the ponderable to the imponderable. This is a Cosmic graduation in the true sense; from the chemical, or physical, to the spiritual.

“Every atom in the Universe has the potentiality of self-consciousness in it, and is a Universe in itself and for itself. It is an atom and an angel. Each atom, and each entity must win for itself the right of becoming divine through self-experience; and Hegel, the Philosopher, sensed this when he said that the Unconscious evolves in the Universe only in the hope of attaining clear self-consciousness.

“This is why the Kabala teaches that:

The Breath becomes a stone; the stone, a plant; the plant, an animal; the animal, a man; the man, a spirit; and the spirit, a God.

“Now we have to consider what happens when the Concealed Logos has constructed the Auric Egg; the groundwork of the coming Kosmos. First of all He sends a Ray from Himself into the primordial Kosmic Matter; this is the first manifestation. At the second stage the dual male and female abstract Forces are personified. From this Male-Female Personification of Matter is separated the Son, or third Principle, which consists of seven Forces, called the Creative Powers.