The Golden Star

About this website

This website is an electronic edition of The Golden Star by J Michaud PhD, in HTML format, first published in 2012/13. It is an exact facsimile of the printed book originally published in hardcover by the Uma Press, in London, in 1946. It is our sincere hope that in publishing it for the very first time on the Internet, a new generation of readers will have the opportunity to discover this virtually unknown and unappreciated masterpiece of occult literature.

Beware of imitations!

Several crude copies of this website have been published on the Internet since we launched it in 2012. None of these illegal copies were approved by the copyright holder or ourselves. As we update this note in November 2020, the plagiarism has stopped but this does not mean it won’t re-occur in future. In May 2019 a crude, printed-on-demand paperback copy was issued by ‘Audio Enlightenment.Com’ who have the bare-faced audacity to claim copyright! Please don't waste your money on such imitations.

This facsimile has been completely re-typeset from the original edition—not OCR scanned. With the sole exception of ‘A Word to the Wise Reader’, the Introduction, 'Author's Note', Dedication and notes on the pronunciation of the names of the principal characters, are reproduced exactly as they appear in the printed book.

For technical reasons, pagination, position of footnotes and the arrangement of the various symbols employed by the Author, differ slightly from the printed book. Spelling and typographical errors have been corrected. The Author’s spelling of foreign words (such as the many Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and ancient Egyptian terms) has been retained except where it differs substantially from modern usage. The substitution of ‘Nut’ for ‘Nuit’ (Egyptian goddess) is one example of such changes. No attempt has been made to ‘modernise’ the Author’s phraseology or his sometimes archaic grammatical constructions. The only additions to the printed book are a few footnotes, and the jewel illustrations which introduce each chapter, or vision. The Author may well have added these gems had the Internet existed in 1946! In short, the electronic book that you now have before you is in every essential a faithful copy of the original printed edition.

In November 2020 we published a PDF edition of The Golden Star. This is free to download for your own personal, educational and non-commercial use only. Please see our Terms & Privacy page for more information on the copyright conditions which apply to the PDF and HTML editions of the book. To download a copy of the PDF, click the link below. This will give you the option to view the PDF online or save it to your chosen device.

Download PDF edition

Printed copies

Although copies of the original printed edition of The Golden Star published by the UMA Press in 1946 are now extremely hard to find and prohibitively expensive, we are pleased to announce that an enterprising publisher will issue a new, high quality, hardcover edition in 2021 at a price even the poorest student can afford. We understand that for technical reasons this will be formatted slightly differently to the original book, though the content will remain unchanged except for the correction of spelling and typographical errors. Indeed, in many ways the new edition will be an improvement on the original which was printed when post-war materials shortages made it extremely difficult to produce high quality books. In short, we are confident this new edition will be a faithful a facsimile of the original book. We will update this page when the book is published.