The Golden Star


The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres


Limpid Streams of clearest Air,
Abundant, full of Forms Divine;
Realms of Peace, the Consummation
Of Knowledge of the Self as Heir
To final Great Initiation
Into the last Nirvanic Clime,
Where dwell the unseen Hosts Sublime.
*       *       *
Great Ashrum, Sacred, far Abode
Of Companies of Holy Men,
From which the Charioteers of God appear
As Harbingers of Dawn, and steer
Their mighty Steeds, that Wisdom veer
Its course to ev’ry silent Seeker.
*       *       *
Continuance of all the Logoi;
Of Will, Activity, Supremest Apprehension;
Where stay the Monads who deploy
In scintillating sparks that glow in that Dimension
Of all the Lights of Sacred Atma;
Auphanim of that vast extension,
Imperishable, of Holy Pitri-Deva.
*       *       *
Raise high the Golden Chalice,
So that the Gods may fill your Cup
With sparkling Dew of Revelation;
And give you Sight and Hearing,
So far beyond the ken of mortal man,
That ev’ry whisper of the Angels
Shall reach the Inner Soul of You,
And fill it full of rare Delight,
And deep Sagacity and Erudition;
So that a Shining Pearl you may
Become; A Rosy Light in Golden Dawn,
A Guiding Star! A Light unto your Brothers
On their weary Way.

Upon the Great Light and within it, there seemed to gather an added Power, as if vast Hosts were preparing to invade that sublime state of awareness.

There blew an airy waft of inner warmth, encircling the Messenger and Ma-u and Ma-uti with silent movement of approaching vivid Life, as yet invisible.

There was a curious suggestion of ordered preparation, slowly accumulating in a vast concourse of happiness and bliss. There was the stirring of a million thread-like antennae, soft and downy and tender; unseen, but felt. The Soul of Light with lifting Wings astir on undulating pennons, but veiled in mystic curtains, spreading wide in shimmering lustrous vapours. Within that coloured Sea of Light there flashed a thousand Rays of puissant Radiations, emblazoned on the far-spread screens of rosy beauty in incandescent brilliance.

And in the Rays there whirled and danced a myriad tiny glowing motes in every hue imaginable.

There were the violet specks connected with the Astral Doubles of all Nature, the Paradigm of all Forms, and the combined hum of these small particles produced the musical note of B. And others were of the true indigo and rang the note A; they had to do with the Universal Mind, or Divine Ideation. Some were blue, and they represented the synthesis of Occult Nature; they gave the note G. Others were green, and were connected with the animal, or material Soul of Nature, and the source of animal and vegetable intelligence and instinct; F was their note. Then came the yellow specks, whose note was E, and on that note resounds the aggregate of Dhyân Chohanic Intelligences; fiery in its temper and beatitude. Also the note D was intoned by the orange particles, whose affinity is the Life-Principle in Nature. And finally the note C rang out in the red colour of the corpuscles connected with that principle which, on the spiritual plane, corresponds with the sexual affinity in the lower.

In the shining Light these atoms leapt with joy in perfect freedom; intermingling, or drifting in clouds resplendent, or rising up in sprays like bursting pyrotechnic bombs, ringing out their harmonies of ecstasy, keen with intellectual power and divine apprehension of super-spiritual penetration.

“These are the Monads which become Duads on the differentiated plane, to develop into Triads during the Cycles of Incarnation, knowing neither Space nor Time even when incarnated, but being diffused through the lower principles of the Quaternary. They are omnipotent and omniscient in their natures: An innate omniscience which can manifest its reflected light on the semi-terrestrial or material planes,” said Neteru-Hem.

“But not all the Monads are so small as those you see here,” he continued. “Remember the Angelic Monads from these spheres, who incarnated as men and gave mankind—which up to then had only the instincts of the other animals—understanding. Occult Wisdom teaches that the only difference between animate and inanimate objects on earth, and between an animal and a human frame, is that in some the various ‘Fires’ are latent, whilst in others they are active. Of course the vital Fires are in all things, and not an atom is devoid of them. But no animal has the three higher principles awakened in him; they are simply potential, latent. It was therefore only after the Progenitors had mingled with Man that the great miracle was wrought—the harmonious comingling of the Essence of the incarnating Angels, or Pitris, with Man—that Man became conscious of his divine descent, and was enabled to commence the long climb back to the regions from which he had first descended like a simple spark, or atom, to the lower realms of illusion in the objective World. In this manner the Angelic Monads, the Ancestors of sentient Man, became, in reality, Man himself.

“Every atom becomes a visible complex unit, or molecule, and once attracted into the sphere of terrestrial activity, the monadic Essence, passing through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, becomes man. God, Monad, and Atom are the correspondences of Spirit, Mind and Body in Man.

“The Monads are the minds of the Atoms; both are the fabric in which the Gods clothe themselves when a form is needed. So all these scintillating sparks you see here are Atomic Souls before they descend into pure terrestrial forms. They are the potential Creators, the Buddhi, the World-Saviours, the omnipotent Roots of Divine Intelligence, the Stars of the future. On Earth they are invisible, just as, according to an Occult Maxim, the real Sun and Moon are as invisible as the real man is.