The Golden Star


The Kosmos

“Kepler discovered, over 300 years ago, that the Sun was a magnet, although he had not discovered the laws of attraction and repulsion in Kosmos, which laws were called ‘love’ and ‘hate’ by Empedocles; having the same meaning as attraction and repulsion. These are no ‘blind’ laws, as Laplace thought, ignoring the presence of creative Forces, endowed with intelligence.

circle with a dot in the centre“The circle with a dot in the centre could be the symbol of a planet with an aura, or magnetic field, around it; or an atom, or even the whole of our Kosmos, which itself possesses such a magnetic field in the form of the Auric Egg; or of the Earth with its surrounding magnetic field which reflects wireless waves and returns them to earth at a tangent; in other words the Ionosphere, or the Kennelly‒Heaviside layer, from 100 to 400 miles above the Earth.

“This aura, in the case of human beings, can be opened at will, and then it can allow entrance to any forces or conditions with which the mind within the human body wishes to come en rapport. When the aura is kept in a closed condition by an effort of the Will, it can keep at bay all thought-forms, mental images from outside sources, or spiritual inspirations, whether good or bad. By opening the aura we can let in light or darkness, good or bad influences.

"When by constant concentration and meditation we produce around us such a strong spiritual field of protection, even material things, or other living beings, can be prevented from making material contact with us. This has often been proved in various ways, such as the cases when certain people are absolutely bulletproof when a hail of shells rains around them during a battle—they have what are termed ‘charmed lives.’ It is also demonstrated in the case of powerful magicians when they stand in the enchanted or magic circle, whilst a host of elementals vainly tries to reach them. It is also proved in the instances where even a loving thought will cast a protecting shell around a beloved one when in danger.

“In contrast to this we can, from within outwardly, project a strong thought-form through this aura or magnetic field, just as a sufficiently strong wave or current of electric matter or force could penetrate the Earth’s Aura and soar into the Kosmic Spaces beyond and reach one of the planets of our Kosmic Chain. The luminous envelope around the Sun is called the photosphere or chromosphere; it is the very magnetic field, or aura, under consideration. It looks like mother-of-pearl and has been likened to the ocean on a tranquil summer day, when its surface is slightly crisped by a gentle breeze. Within this ocean can be seen remarkable patterns, just as in the human aura. Sometimes they are lens shaped, like willow leaves, crossing each other in all directions with an irregular motion, and assuming new shapes continually. These shapes are no less than 1,000 miles in length, and from 200 to 300 miles in breadth. These forms live, and produce heat, light and electricity, or Fohat, which is communicated to the ethereal medium in stellar space which conducts it to the planets. It is Vital Force—Life and Energy. These Sun-fluids, or emanations, impart all motion and awaken all life within the Solar System, in harmony with the law of cyclic motion, designed from the beginning of the building of the Kosmos. These are immutable laws, but the motion is diverse and alters with every new cycle, and is regulated by the Intelligences within the Kosmic Soul. The creation of life by the Sun is as continuous as his light; nothing arrests or limits it. Actually these emanations are reflections.

“We may liken the Sun to the Kosmic Atom, which becomes seven Atoms on the plane of Matter, and each is transformed into a centre of energy. Each Atom becomes Seven Rays on the plane of Spirit; and the seven creative Forces of Nature, radiating from the Root-Essence, follow.

“The Atoms, emanated from the central point, produce within themselves two new centres of energy, which under the potential breath of Fohat, begin their work and multiply other minor centres.

“These, in turn evolve, to form new roots; from men-bearing globes down to genera, species, and the classes of all the Kingdoms.

“The formless radiations, existing in the harmony of the Universal Will, and being what we term the collective, or the aggregate, of Kosmic Will on the plane of the subjective Universe, unite together an infinitude of Monads—each the mirror of its own Universe—and thus individualize for the time being an independent Mind, omniscient and universal. By the same process of magnetic aggregation they create for themselves objective, visible bodies, out of the interstellar Atoms. Thus, to the eye of the Seer, the Higher Planetary Powers appear under two aspects, the subjective—as influences, and the objective—as mystic forms, which become Presences; Spirit and Matter being One! For Spirit is Matter on the seventh Plane; Matter is Spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity; and both are Illusion.

“It is from the Sea of Fire, which is the Super-Astral Light, the first radiation from the Root, or the undifferentiated Kosmic Substance, that we derive Astral Matter; which is sometimes called the Fiery Serpent.

“Roughly viewed, the Monads may be divided into three distinct Hosts. The first, counting from the highest Plane are Gods, or Kosmic Spiritual Egos, the Architects of the Universe.

“The second are the Elementals, or the Monads, who form unconsciously the grand Universal Mirrors of everything connected with their respective Realms.

“Lastly come the ‘Atoms’ and material molecules, which are informed in their turn by their ‘perceptive’ Monads, just as every cell in a human body is so informed. There are shoals of such informed Atoms, which, in their turn, inform the molecules; an infinitude of Monads, or Elementals proper, and countless Spiritual Forces—Monadless, for they are pure incorporealities, except under certain laws, when they do assume a form—not necessarily human. Only earth and water can bring forth a living being, for they form the prima materia and the creative female principle on the earth-plane. But they must first be impregnated by the Fiery Principle of the Sun, and the Spirit of the Sun, combined with the elements of matter, are the symbols of physical generation. Thus, the simple material cell, impregnated by the spirit, will divide itself into two cells, and another being has been born in the mysterious way for which intellectual science cannot account. Within the cell germinates that consciousness which is the earliest manifestation of the causal consciousness of God. Minerals live, suffer from communicable diseases and reproduce their kind. Crystals move and exhibit generative processes similar to those of plants; and they can be poisoned. These facts of nature have become known to the earthly scientists too of late.

“And all these beginnings of life occur on planets so infinitely minute that they become as awesome as the largest star in space. And whilst the proud pavane of time glides by, there are born the minute specks that will foregather and combine, and in the blood of animals there swarm multitudes of living entities. Four and a half million tiny red cells, with lots of room to spare are afloat in the fluid of a cubic millimetre of blood! On a square millimetre, a million bacteria, measuring about one micron in diameter, such as for instance staphylococci, can be laid without much overlapping in a single layer of a thousand rows, having a thousand in each row. These make one thousand million cubic microns.

“Two thousand million bacteria are normally present in a teaspoonful of soil, occupying one-quarter of one percent of the volume of the soil.

“And amoeba by the trillion abound. Of no known shape of their own, they are like specks of living jelly; crawling about in their own peculiar amorphous manner, and extending any part of their bodies to enwrap particles of food. When in a resting condition in fluids they are spherical in form.

“Some kinds of bacteria develop flagella, by means of which they become motile, or can swim.

“Every human being or other mammal starts life as a single cell, the mammalian single-celled embryo being formed by the fusion of a male sperm-cell with a female egg. This has one nucleus, and when the nucleus and the cell which contains it divide into two, the halves are nearly—but not quite—identical.

“Still smaller are the viruses. They may be defined as particulate bodies capable of causing infectious disease in animals or plants, and they have only recently been made visible through electron microscopy (EM); nor is there any known filter through which many of them cannot pass.

“Whereas plants and animals die, microbes are potentially immortal. They only die by some violent death from a cause outside themselves. The reason is that microbes have nothing in common with the complex processes of reproduction and recapitulation that are undergone by higher animals and plants. The microbes have nothing to recapitulate, being already at the lowest stage of evolution.

“The microbial cell is not only capable of independent existence, but can reproduce itself by division: by dividing they multiply. Science does not yet know in detail what it is that induces a microbial cell to double itself by division. Science does not know either why some of the minute forms of life remain as they were in the Silurian epoch—such as the tabulate corals of that period, which are wonderfully like the millepore (fire corals) of our own seas—or the Foraminifera; Protozoa of the lowest type of life, which are the same today as they were so many millions of years ago, except for their now greater variety. Science is entirely ignorant of the Elemental Forces, under direct control of intelligent Entities, who build and mould, form and alter, and who have the secrets of all these wonders in their charge.