The Golden Star


The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres

“Then they are the prototypes which will again be reflected in future men, just as all the great characters like Jesus, Buddha, and other giants in the history of mankind were but the reflected images of human types which had existed for millions of years, rising, step by step in each incarnation to greater perfection. Thus, in their image, some men are born hypostatically animated by their divine prototypes, reproduced again and again by the mysterious Powers that control and guide the destinies of the world.

“The Higher Mind directs the Will: the lower turns it into selfish Desire. This explains the failures of some men, who, born to high destinies, pervert their powers to the illusions of Greed and Glory.

“The Dhyân Chohans are passionless and pure; they have long since discarded the lower mind and its fleshly snares. They have no more struggles, no more passions to crush. They have been through the School of earthly Life and graduated to higher realms. The highest state of consciousness is that which emanates directly from Absoluteness, and it is the First State of Being in the Universe. It corresponds with the Hierarchy of non-substantial primordial Presences in a place which is no place to us, and a state which is no state according to human comprehension. This non-substantial state or Hierarchy contains all that was, is, and will be from the beginning to the end of a Mahâmanvantara. It contains the highest Divinities in a condition where no progress is possible, for we can say that these Supreme Entities are crystallized in purity; in homogeneity.

“The next Heavenly Realm is that where dwell the Hierarchies of Celestial Teachers, Lords, Buddhas or Masters. It is related to the highest consciousness in man, and no Adept can be higher than this and live on Earth, for when he passes into that state he can return to Earth no more. These two states are purely hyper-metaphysical. The next five states have all to do with the higher and lower senses in man and his corresponding affinity, and make contact with each Ray on which these senses manifest.

“Man has thus within himself the seven pale reflections of the seven Divine Hierarchies; his Higher Self is in itself but the refracted beam of the direct Ray.

“The Seven Hierarchies are the seven Lights; intelligent, conscious and living Principles, manifested from the un-manifested Light, which is Darkness to Man.

“When a World-Teacher appears, he contains within Himself all these Principles; nay, such a Teacher is in reality the Essence of all these Divine Attributes, created by the Lords of Wisdom especially in order to carry out the purpose of His incarnation, and give forth His Divine Message to Mankind.

“As to the Sovereignty of the Seven Great Lords, they wield enormous might but should not be termed ‘All-Powerful,’ for that is the Potency of the One Great Deity alone; the Unknowable, the Unnameable, the intra-cosmic Deity; or Spirit and Matter inseparable from each other.

“The Seven Great Creator Gods, as represented in Esotericism, have a dual aspect: male or spiritual, and female or material, which is the same as Spirit and Matter, the two antagonistic principles.

“Synthetically, every creative Logos, or ‘the Son who is one with the Father,’ is the Host of the Rectores Mundi in Himself. Even Christian Theology makes of the seven ‘Angels of the Presence’ the Virtues, or the personified attributes of God, who, being created by Him, as the Manus were by Brahmâ, became Archangels. The Roman Catholic Theodicy itself, recognizing in its creative Verbum Princeps the Head of these Angels and the Angel of the Great Council, thus recognizes the identity of Christ with them. If we limit the explanation to this Earth only, it was the duty of the first differentiated Egos—the Archangels or Gods—to imbue primordial Matter with evolutionary impulse and guide its formative Powers in the fashioning of its productions. Thus the Angels were commanded to create. After the Earth had been made ready by the lower and more material powers, the Gods were compelled by the evolutionary Law to descend on Earth, in order to construct the crown of its evolution—Man. Thus the ‘Self-created’ and the ‘Self-existing’ projected their pale Shadows, except one Group who rebelled and refused to do so. Their piety was so great that it inspired them to refuse to ‘create,’ as they desired to remain ‘Virgin Youths’ for ever, in order to anticipate, if possible, their fellows in the progress towards Nirvâna—the final liberation. They would not create will-less irresponsible men either, nor could they endow human beings with even the temporary reflections of their own attributes. Being of the class of Fire-Angels and belonging to another and a so much higher plane of consciousness, their reflections would leave man still irresponsible, hence interfere with any possibility of higher progress. They reasoned that no spiritual and psychic evolution is possible on Earth (which is the lowest and most material plane), for one who—on that plane at all events—is inherently perfect and cannot accumulate merit or demerit. Had Man remained the pale Shadow of the inert, immutable and motionless Perfection, he would have been doomed to pass through life on Earth as in a heavy dreamless sleep; hence he would have been a failure on this plane. But for the fact that the Gods communicated unto man a Ray of the Divine Light this would have happened.

“All this refers to man’s spiritual awakening and not to his physical creation, since man existed in his animal form before the Gods descended and gave him evolving consciousness, cyclic and spiral; therefore progressive; an immutable Law of Nature, which is Eternal Motion in philosophical metaphysics.

“Thus we have a simultaneous evolution of seven human groups on seven different portions of the earth, created by the Seven Lords simultaneously. As The Divine Pymander teaches: ‘This is the Mystery that to this day was hidden. Nature being mingled with the Heavenly Man [Elohim, Gods, Dhyân Chohans], brought forth a wonder . . . seven Men, all males and females [Hermaphrodites] . . . according to the nature of the seven Governors,’ or the Seven Hosts, who projected or created him.