The Golden Star


The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres

“The Earth itself was once one of them, as it is made up out of countless myriads of these atoms which have become ONE in Illusion.

“And Space, which has been wrongly proclaimed to be ‘an abstract idea,’ or a ‘void,’ is in reality the container and the BODY of the Universe in its seven Principles. Esoterically, it is the Unknown Container of All, the Unknown First Cause. It is a body of limitless extent, whose Principles, in Occult Terms, manifest in our phenomenal world only the grossest fabric of the sub-divisions of the septenary fountain of Being; and no one has ever seen all the Elements in their fullness, as it is taught. These splendid atoms are re-created on Earth; but in an inverted sense, as in a mirror. For these atoms to be evolved and developed into the complete septenary man, it is necessary to have two connecting principles, namely: the Soul, and the Mind in its higher and lower aspects. The latter some call personality and others individuality; and this is the outer, visible form of man and all his inner principles apart from the Soul; the higher Mind and the Body (or lower mind) being closely knit together during life on Earth—and the Soul accompanying them.

“The Higher Mind is the intellectual fruitage and the efflorescence of intellectual self-conscious Egotism in the higher spiritual sense. Thus he is neither God nor Pure Reason but a blending of these faculties with the Soul. Thence he may proceed to the higher states of bliss towards that fourth plane of consciousness wherein human evolution reaches the Divine.

“And so, from the highest Archangel, or Dhyân Chohan, down to the last conscious Builder of the inferior class of spiritual Entities, all such have been men, having lived aeons ago in other cycles of time on earth in its earlier forms or incarnations, or in other spheres. In the same sense the inferior, semi-intelligent and non-intelligent Elementals are all future men; for all find their origin in these fiery, brilliantly coloured particles. The higher is on the upper rung of the Ladder of Being; he is the Watcher, the Divine Prototype, who observes his Shadows at the lower rung. Between them stretches a golden thread which becomes more radiant with every change in the consciousness of the Shadow as it evolves upward, until the Light of the Morning Sun has become the Noonday Glory.

“The Monad, or luminous Atom, of every Shadow has full and distinct individuality and is entirely different from all the rest, although its primary, the spirit, is ONE with the One Universal Spirit. But the glowing spark that is enshrined in the shadowy Vehicle is part and parcel of that Dhyân-Chohanic Essence of the Watcher, and in this lies the mystery of the words: ‘My Father, that is in Heaven, and I—are ONE.’

“The Sun is the medium whereby these Atoms are sent to Earth in a continuous stream which nothing can arrest or limit. Around the Sun are innumerable Choirs of Angelic Beings, like great Armies, continually watched over and directed by the Dhyân Chohans, who direct and observe all human things and actions. By it all creatures are preserved and nourished, and, even as the Heavenly Realms which environ the sensible world fill the latter with plenitude and universal variety of forms, so does the Sun also, enfolding all in His Light, accomplish everywhere the birth and development of all creatures. The Choir of Angels is under His direction. They are many and diverse, and their number corresponds to that of the stars. Every star has its Angels, good and evil by nature, or rather, by their operation; for operation is the Essence of these Angels. They preside over mundane affairs, just as the Gods, or Dhyânis do; they shake and overthrow the Constitutions of States and individuals; and they imprint their likenesses on our Minds. They are present in our nerves, our marrow, our veins and arteries, and our very brain-substance. They permeate the mind so that it may receive the impress of their energy. But the Soul itself is not subject to them, for that is the part of God Himself, who enlightens it with His illuminating Ray. But all that which does not emanate from the Absolute is Illusion; for the Absolute, by reason of this qualification alone, stands as the One and Only Reality; hence, everything extraneous to it, the generative and causative Element, must be an illusion, most undeniably so from the purely metaphysical viewpoint.

“Mankind, psychically considered, is divided into various groups, each group being connected with one of the Dhyânic Groups, that first formed psychic man.

“There is one group whose inner Selves are primordially connected, by means of their descent, with that Group of Dhyân Chohans who are called the First-Born of Ćther. This is the section of Mankind in which are born the Great Seers, Poets, Inventors, Artists, Musicians and Writers, for they are under direct control of the Mystic Watchers in the Higher Realms. They are the Leaders of humankind, whether humanity accepts them as such or not; for if at first they are rejected, the time must come when some of the rest of mankind will be able to obtain a glimpse of the Light they spread within the World. These leaders of thought, of whom there are said to be some 30,000, are under the control of the Lords who bestow Intelligence and Inspiration; the All-knowing or Omniscient Lords. Each of these Lords has his own class of Adepts, knit together by its own bond of spiritual communion from this Heavenly Sphere. The only possible way to enter into communication with these Lords, of whom there are Seven, each operating on a special Ray, is by bringing oneself within the influence of the Spiritual Radiance which emanates from one of these Rays, which all radiate from this Central Spiritual Region here.

“The Dhyân Chohans are dual in their character, for they are composed of the irrational energy inherent in matter, and of the intelligent Soul, or Cosmic Consciousness, which directs and guides that energy, and which is reflecting the Ideation of the Universal Mind. They are known under various names, such as the Theoi (Gods), Genii and Daimones, by the Hermetic Philosophers; Kwan-Yin by the Buddhists; or Devas, Chitkala, Pitris, and many other names in different Philosophies.