The Golden Star


The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres

“The Hosts of these Sons of Light are the very Root of Spiritual Man; omniscient and omnipotent divine Intelligence of the highest Logos, which descends ‘like a Flame spreading from the Eternal Fire, immovable, without increase or decrease, ever the same to the end’ of the cycle of existence, and becomes Universal Life on the Mundane Plane.

“Man derives his Spiritual Soul from the Essence of the Sons of Wisdom, and the Spiritual Man corresponds directly with the higher ‘coloured circles,’ the Divine Prism which emanates from the One Infinite White Circle, or the highest Logos. The Gnostics considered the Astral Gods to be the Sons of Ialdabaoth, who again was the ‘Son’ of Sophia, or Wisdom. Ialdabaoth produces from himself the six stellar Spirits who are Iao (or Jehovah), Sabaoth, Adoneus, Eloaeus, Oreus, and Astaphaeus, and they are to them the inferior Gods. And the Ancients never regarded the Sun as a planet but as a central and fixed star, whilst the seven planets are his Brothers, not his Sons.

“The seven planets, having a harmonious motion, also have ‘intervals corresponding to musical diastemas, rendering various sounds, so perfectly consonant that they produce the sweetest melody, which is inaudible to us only by reason of the greatness of the sound, which our ears are incapable of receiving,’ as Censorious says. The Monad is the principle of all things, as the pupils of Pythagoras taught. From the Monad and the indeterminate Duad (or Chaos), Numbers; from Numbers, Points; from Points, Lines; from Lines, Superficies; from Superficies, Solids; from these, Solid Bodies, whose elements are four: Fire, Water, Air, Earth; of which transmuted (correlated) and totally changed the World consists. The incipient Monads in the Celestial Spheres, who have never yet had terrestrial bodies, have no sense of separate personalities, or EGO-ism. None of them have individuality in the sense in which a man says: ‘I am myself and no one else.’ They are not conscious of distinct separateness, for individuality is the characteristic of their Groups, not their units; and these characteristics vary with the degree of the planes to which they belong. The nearer they are to the highest region the purer and the less accentuated is the individuality of each Group. They are finite in every respect, with the exception of their higher principles, the immortal Essences reflecting the universal Divine Flame, individualized and separated only in the regions of Illusion by a differentiation as illusive as the rest. They Live because they are the streams projected on that Cosmic Screen of Illusion from the Absolute Life.

“The Pitris, who created physical man, shoot out from their ethereal bodies still more ethereal and shadowy similitudes of themselves which might be called 'doubles', or 'Astral forms', in their own likeness. Thus the Monad is furnished with its first dwelling, and blind matter with a model around and upon which to build henceforth.

“After the intelligent mind is added—although at first this intelligence is latent—then the Soul of Man, in its dual aspect, is added to that body and lower mind, together with all the body’s other principles, and under the patient guidance of the Soul, the Higher Mind slowly awakens during its millions of years of earthly incarnations, until at last it becomes one with the Soul. From Shadow to luminous Angel they evolve, each according to his own colour and kind. And when at last they have become the highest of the Dhyân Chohans they can but bow in ignorance before the awful mystery of Absolute Being. Nevertheless, the process of evolution does not stop there, and final liberation, or merging with Absolute Being is the end of the ascent from simplicity to complexity, ending in the simplicity of the One Life—when the Actual is reached and the real Work commences in the Body of Night which is the Body of the Great Day!

“That Day is surrounded with a Ring which none have ever passed, except the ‘Recorders,’ the great Deities of the Kosmos who have the destinies of all within their hands; for this ‘Ring-pass-not’ is the Boundary that separates the Finite—however infinite in man’s sight—from the truly Infinite. And this is the ultimate Goal of ALL!!

“The human, conscious, lower minds are found in the Celestial Group called Rûpas, or Atomic Forms. They are called the Imperishable Jîvas, and constitute, through the order below their own, the first Group of the first septenary Host—the great mystery of human, conscious, and intellectual Being. From that Field descend the Mind-Germs that will fall into generation. These Germs will become the semi-spiritual potencies in the physical cells, and are the cause of hereditary transmission of faculties and inherent qualities in man. These inner souls of the physical cells—the semi-spiritual plasms that dominate the germinal plasms—are the keys that must one day open the gates of the terra incognita of the Biologist, now called the dark mystery of Embryology. The most powerful, occult, and mysterious region of the seven spheres, however, is that represented by the planet Venus—or Shukra, a male Deity, who is the Son of Bhrigu, one of the Vedic Sages. It is through Shukra that the double-sexed human Race descended from the first ‘Sweat-Born.’

circle divided“Therefore, it is symbolized by the sign of the circle and diameter during the Third Race of Man, the hermaphrodites, and by the sign in which a vertical line runs up to the diameter during the Fourth Race, circle tauexpressive of male and female, though not separated yet, after which it becomes a cross, or male and female, crossseparated and fallen into generation. The planet Venus is symbolized by the sign of a globe (the female sign) over a cross, which shows the former as presiding over the natural generation of Man. venus crossankh crossThe Egyptian Ankh, life, is only another form of Venus, or Isis, and esoterically it means that mankind and all animal life had stepped out of the divine spiritual circle and had fallen into physical male and female generation. Pythagoras calls Shukra-Venus the Sol alter, the ‘other Sun.’