The Golden Star


The Dwellers in the Celestial Spheres

“According to the Occult Doctrine, Venus is our Earth’s primary and its spiritual prototype. It is taught that every sin committed on Earth is felt by Venus, and every change on Venus is felt on, and reflected by, the Earth. The Teacher of the Third Race is the Guardian Spirit of the Earth and Men, and Venus is represented as the Preceptor of the Giants of the Fourth Race of Men who at one time obtained the sovereignty of all the Earth, and defeated the minor Gods. It is with the Regent of Venus, the informing Dhyân Chohan, that Occult Mysticism has to deal. Venus, or Lucifer, also Shukra and Ushanas, the Planet, is the light-bearer of our Earth in both the physical and mystic sense. This was well known to the early Christians, and one of the earliest Popes of Rome is known by his Pontiff Name as Lucifer.

“Every World has its Parent Star and Sister Planet. Thus, Earth is the adopted child and younger brother of Venus, but the inhabitants of both differ, each according to their own kind. Each Sphere has its forms and organisms in full harmony with the nature and state of the Sphere they inhabit. There are numberless Spheres and on not a single one is there any Being that has a resemblance to the Beings on its companion Sphere, or to any other in its own special progeny. This is a flat contradiction of Swedenborg’s statements as to what the various inhabitants of different Spheres looked like, and the famous Astrologer Huygens laboured under the same mistaken idea when he declared that the Beings on other planets are identical with those who live on Earth, possessing the same figures, senses, brain-power, arts, sciences, dwellings, even to the same fabrics for their clothes!

“The informing Intelligences which animate these various Centres of Being are worshipped under all sorts of names and symbols, but the initiates honour in them only the manifestations of THAT—which neither our Creators nor their Creatures can ever discuss or know anything about. The ABSOLUTE is not to be defined, and no mortal or immortal has ever seen or comprehended it during the periods of Existence. The mutable cannot know the Immutable, nor can that which lives perceive Absolute Life. Therefore, man cannot know higher Beings than his own Progenitors in the Celestial Spheres, nor shall he worship them, but he should know how humankind was created.

“And so each Planet stands for a definite Sphere in both the Physical and Psychic Realms; and no two are alike. More than even this is taught; for it is known that not even the highest Creator God, such as the Dhyân Chohans, can realize completely the condition of the preceding Cosmic Evolution. It is only the First Logos, the Self-manifested Son of the Unmanifested Father, the Creator of the Creators of the various Races of Man, who retains a knowledge of His experiences in all Cosmic Evolutions throughout Eternity.

“Man’s destiny is to rise from the lowest Sphere—the Earth—to the Higher. Thus he can first attain the psychic state of Intelligent and good men; thence to the state in which he thinks more of his inner condition than of his personality; this is the Higher Psychic State: then comes the Holy State, when he has lost all tastes and desires and has commenced on the path towards Reunion; then the Super-Holy State where his lower Self has lost all Affinity with the senses. These are the first four States of Evolution. When they have been mastered he reaches unity with the Highest Occult Hierarchies who help onwards the evolution of humanity, and he has Cosmic Self-Consciousness with the Buddhic World.

“Then comes the Innate Christos State, the Sphere of the Divine Flame, the dwelling place of the highest Angels in the Region of the Pitris and Devas. And, finally, the Realm where he reaches the highest possible ecstatic trance-like State of Supreme Consciousness, where he loses the ordinary Consciousness of every individuality, including his own. He is then at the threshold of the great Choice. The unreal has been transformed into conditionless Reality, and the realities of the Earth and all the Astral Worlds have vanished in their own nature into thin and non-existing air. Absolute Truth has conquered relative truth; he has reached the state of self-analyzing reflection, and the absolute consciousness of the personality is merged into the impersonal Ego, which is above illusion in every sense. Thence he can emerge, and, assuming an ordinary appearance, teach men. These incarnations, which take place but very occasionally, may be conscious as well as unconscious, so far as the realization by himself of his own high status is concerned when he dwells in a human body for a time. Or, he can go forward and reach a state of consciousness which is beyond all description and all human comprehension. He is free to choose, even as every human being is free to do so in a lesser way.”

Neteru-Hem paused, and the multitudes of Divine Beings and Presences, unseen, because mortal eye cannot behold them and live, could yet be felt; and it seemed that the Celestial Spheres were filled with Angelic Voices, sweet and reverent and utterly blest. Spirits winged with activity they are and informed with power, everlastingly delightful, in exuberant glorious youth; pure and serene, with an intensity of flaming love, and luminous with ethereal life and joy. They are the Chariots of God’s Will, ever blessing Him, and speeding through His vast Realms on His seraphic errands, enraptured and transcendent. Each one is an epitome of man’s evolution—for all have once been men. Now, they are Lords of the Flame, Sons of Fire, the great Hierarchies of Spiritual Beings who guide the Solar System, and who later still will guide a Universe. Existing from Eternity to Eternity, they have descended down the Scale of being into the lowest form of Illusion, and risen again in mighty Arcs of Splendour, which will continue to extend in might and majesty and magnificence for ever and for ever; until they themselves become Lords of the Immortals, unmanifested but omnipresent; One in All, All in One.

This is the heritage of All Men.