The Golden Star



There were sweet maids who gathered flowers at the entrance of gracious arbours and who with sidelong glances beheld the Messenger and his friends.

Like the flashing of the ruby amid green leaves they moved with gliding steps and nymph-like bearing, and Ma-u and Ma-uti expected every moment to see them rise up and fly in the lenitive, balsamic air like golden robins on rapid wings.

Auspicious sounds of silvery singing drifted upon the soft currents of aromatic atmosphere, like angels’ voices heard in reveries beside cool rushing streams.

In golden palanquins, surrounded by swaying, dancing, slim-waisted shapes in festal array there rested delectable ladies with necklaces of priceless jewels and shimmering raiment in flowing folds.

And in the heavens floated gleaming swans with bodies of gold, like golden lotuses flowering in the waters of a holy lake; their eyes of pearl, their beaks and feet of coral, and wings betipp’d with emerald—glorious to behold.

A domain of unalloyed happiness and bliss.

And in the distance rose up palace after palace which seemed to swim among the rosy, feathery clouds in fadeless magnificence and lustre.

“This is the place where dreams come true for a while and all longings are satisfied,” said Neteru-Hem.

“It is the habitation of beauty-starved mortals during their time of rest between two incarnations.

“Whatever man has wished for in vain whilst on earth is granted here; and there are millions of such climes within the Astral Realms. They are the Heavens and Paradises of all beliefs and creeds; and none intrudes upon another. Let us pass on.”

And in passing they glimpsed once more the World of Astral Fire in its marvellous and timeless effulgence; and, too, the exaltation of some of the other splendid regions they had seen before.

At last they arrived at the noble cliffs and the pellucid Ocean first seen as a mirage in the sky at the end of the Golden Path that stretched from the earth upwards to the Sun. The descent began, and, passing down the Steps of Gold, there burst great rockets of magic fire up in the sky; and multicoloured sparks fell down. And great streamers of light in the seven colours of the rainbow and endless tints and shades rose up. All lines in the colours of the spectrum were represented, vibrating with life and trembling with radiant energy.

At the foot of the Golden Stairway there was a glory of vibrant hues. Soft shining rose dominated, with blue fading into ultraviolet, and gold and green and red and silver in tremendous agitation, quivering in fiery illumination. A blazing farewell and invitation to return again.

And as they walked down they beheld the Souls of the Un-seeing, glowing with Tyrian Rays. But the Un-seeing wandered about in dull groups, in pairs, or alone, upon the earth; heads bent down and eyes to the ground, instead of lifted up to the glories in the heavens.

Bound to earth they are; enclosed and ensnared in the material. Their Souls watch and wait with endless patience and hope for the first look upwards and the opening of these millions of blind eyes.

Once again the boundless beauties of earth and sky and all the wonders of Nature’s dreaming Illusions unfolded themselves to Ma-u and Ma-uti. But how dull they seemed when compared with the Glory of the Realms of the Spirit!

Truly! They had forded the River of Death and returned again; laden with Knowledge and Wisdom.

“Dear Messenger,” said Ma-uti, “how long has our journey lasted?”

“The answer, my child, was given you when you handed back the Cups at the Holy Well of Memory and Revelation,” replied Neteru-Hem smilingly. “Remember—a thousand years may pass in a flash, as though they had never been, and a flash in time may seem to last a thousand years; for Time and Space are both Illusions.”

And now the Divine Messenger’s kindly voice was heard for the last time, and he said: “Cleave to the Ideal, above and through all lesser mundane things. Do not be allured by worldly knowledge or the seductions of the senses, the lust for power or riches, and the blast of spiritual vanity: for they are all as nothing and must fade away like phantoms in the Light of God’s everlasting inner Sun. So wilt thou canonize thy eternal Heritage, and to the pinnacle of thy Seership will be added the Sacredness of Divine Wisdom. Carry out thy task and fear not. There is no death in all the Universe; for every Soul is for ever dis-carnate, all bodily realization being illusion of the senses and unevolved Mind.

“Goodbye, my children, be not downcast, for we shall surely meet again.”

Speechless with sorrow Ma-u and Ma-uti saw that Holy Shape dissolve slowly in the light of the evening Sun; and all seemed emptiness.

His Presence was no longer visible to mortal sight, yet deep within they knew that never again could they be isolated from His Holy Communion; and never would they forget His loving voice and wise Teachings.

And in the sky there shone the same marvellous spectacle still of Sea and Cliffs with the Path of Gold that stretched from Ra down to the place under the great oak where Ma-u and Ma-uti were standing—the same in every detail; for in a flash they had beheld some of the wonders of Eternity in all its Majesty and Splendour; and they had become conscious of a particle of the Divine Wisdom of the Gods—an Initiation and Illumination indeed!

*       *       *

O! God of Mercy, pour out Thy Sparkling Vials of Beauty upon the Mind of Man; so that he may bathe in Thy Effulgence, and his sight may be washed clean of all earthly matter. For with the realization of the beauty of all Thy Creations will come Love for Thee and Thy Creatures, so that evil shall be no more; nor Darkness or Shadow; but instead, Thy Eternal Light shall shine upon all. For once the scales have fallen from the eyes that behold Thy Glory there can be no more returning to Darkness and Ignorance; and those that are so Blessed will ever after look up to Thee and merge with Thy Holy Spirit.

So mote it be!

Amén. Amén. Amén.


*       *       *

Publisher’s afterword

If you have benefited from this book please recommend it to others. For there can be no greater service than to lead others to the Light.

As Neteru-Hem himself says in Vision 9: ‘It will be heard by the dull and the brilliant, the pure and the impure, the stupid and the wise, and those in between such conditions of mind, who all need what they are qualified to take of the shining pearls of Holy Wisdom.’

In Vision 7, page 7, the author refers to the establishment of a truly Great Occult Order in Great Britain in 1940. If, after having read and studied this book, you feel you are ready and worthy to learn the Sublime Occult Mysteries, you can obtain this Order's Manifesto and an application form from: The Secret Order

In addition to The Golden Star, Dr Michaud wrote five other books. Each reveals different aspects of the most advanced occult teachings which have never before appeared in print.