The Golden Star



“In her Collected Writings H. P. Blavatsky has justly said that: ‘The true Ideal Deity, the One Living God in Nature, can never suffer in man’s worship if that outward cloak, woven by man’s fancy, and thrown upon the Deity by the crafty hand of the priest greedy of power and domination, is drawn aside.
The hour has struck . . . to dethrone the ‘highest God’ of every nation in favour of One Universal Deity—the God of Immutable Law, not charity; the God of Just Retribution, not mercy, which is merely an incentive to evil-doing and to a repetition of it. The greatest crime that was ever perpetrated upon mankind was committed on the day when the first priest invented the first prayer with a selfish object in view. A God who may be propitiated by iniquitous prayers to ‘bless the arms’ of the worshipper, and send defeat and death to thousands of his enemies—his brethren; a Deity that can be supposed not to turn a deaf ear to chants of laudation mixed with entreaties for a ‘fair propitious wind’ for self, and as naturally disastrous to the selves of other navigators who come from an opposite direction—it is this idea of God that has fostered selfishness in man, and deprived him of his self-reliance. Prayer is an ennobling action when it is an intense feeling, an ardent desire rushing forth from our very heart for the good of other people, and when entirely detached from any selfish personal object; the craving for a beyond is natural and holy in man, but on the condition of sharing that bliss with others.’

“For this reason the ‘heathen’ Socrates declared in his profound though untaught Wisdom that: ‘Our prayers should be for blessings on all, in general, for the Gods know best what is good for us.’ Official prayer—in favour of a public calamity, or for the benefit of one individual irrespective of losses to thousands—is the most ignoble of crimes, besides being an impertinent conceit and a superstition.

“The true God dwells within the heart of each human being, not without, and when St. Paul said: ‘The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from Heaven,’ he meant to convey that each man is a Temple of his God, in which the Spirit of God dwells. That is the God—the ‘God of our Hearts’—to which we should direct our petitions for the good of our brothers and the world in general.

“In the Sepher Yetzirah we may read: ‘ONE is the Spirit of the Living God . . . who [dwells in all and] liveth for ever. Voice, Spirit and Word: this is the Holy Spirit.’ This is the God of every Philosopher, God infinite and impersonal, though personally present everywhere; God in Nature (the Universe) and Nature in God.

“Man’s prayers and supplications are vain, unless to potential words, mentally spoken or softly uttered, he adds potent acts, which can make the Aura, which surrounds each, so pure and divine that the God within may act outwardly, or become as it were an extraneous Potency. Thus have Initiates, Saints, and very holy and pure men been enabled to help others as well as themselves in the hour of need, and produce what the foolish call ‘miracles.’ Iamblichus has shown how this union of our Higher Minds with the Universal Soul, or with the Gods, can be effected. He speaks of Manteia, which is Samâdhi, the highest trance. He speaks also of the dream, which he calls ‘divine Vision,’ when man re-becomes again a God. By Theurgy a man arrives at Prophetic Discernment through our God (the respective Higher Ego of each of us) revealing to us the truths of the plane on which we happen to be acting; secondly, Ecstasy and Illumination; thirdly, action in Spirit, through the Will or in the Astral Body; fourthly, Domination over the minor, senseless elementals, by the very nature of our purified Egos. But this demands the complete purification of the latter. He calls this ‘Magic,’ through Initiation into Theurgy. This has to be preceded by a training of man’s senses and the knowledge of the human Self in relation to the Divine Self. This training is the duty of every Occultist and Mystic, who dare not leave off when once he has commenced, for the consequences are dire, since he has opened a portal to the discarnate beings which must be constantly guarded, lest undesirable ones of the lower classes enter and take possession of his bodily Temple. There is no religion higher than Truth.

“It is only by intelligent and expert manipulation of Natural or Universal Principles that any spiritual or material results can be achieved. Such knowledge can only be attained under the wise guidance of masterly men who know the Laws underlying such Principles. Such Teachers are found mostly in the Great Mystic and Occult Schools, Orders, and Organizations, of which there are still a few in the present-day World.

“But let all beware of the little cliques, circles, and furtive ‘meetings’ of self-proclaimed ‘masters,’ who have neither authority, training nor knowledge, except the cunning to fleece the aspirant who is misled by their bombastic claims.

“And now, my children, our pilgrimage is ended and I must lead you back to the realms of Illusion, for there is work awaiting you among your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.”

Ma-u and Ma-uti heaved a deep sigh. To what depths of existence had they descended; risen to what Heights of Vision, Wisdom and Beauty!

There was no more a sense of separation in their consciousness. They were One with All, and All with One.

The Cosmic pulse throbbed within their minds and hearts, they were no longer pluralities nor separate entities, but One in Spirit with all Spiritual Souls which form the One Soul. Time and Space had taken on new meanings and robed themselves with Truth. The limitations of mere words could never reveal the greatness of their newly gathered Treasure.

Slowly they followed the Messenger as new surroundings of Splendour became visible on their way back to the Golden Path they had first ascended.

New Beings, dressed like butterflies in the Garden of Indra, floated about and roamed on the slopes of shining hills in all the beauty of Eternal Spring.

And a soft breeze, golden with the yellow pollen of the flowers, drifted in the verdant valleys, as if the scented blooms were a fragrant artillery of fairy cannons, whose spicy clouds of smoke perfumed the air.

It was like a Poetic Creator’s Empire of all the nectar of loveliness. Happy are the Souls upon whom the Angels of these Regions look with smiling eyes; the refuge of virtue and comeliness of which the earthly ones can only dream.

And garlands of flowers draped the forms of these shining creatures, and they were anointed with magic unguents, drawn from the gracious trees that blossomed in red and orange, with pinnate leaves that glittered in the light.