The Golden Star

The Books of J Michaud PhD

If you have enjoyed The Golden Star, you may be interested in the other books which Dr Michaud wrote. In order of publication, they are:

Occult Enigmas

occult enigmas

Published in 1939, this books comprises 12 metaphysical Investigations of such subjects as Karma, Reincarnation, Magic, Alchemy and the ways of True Service. Although now virtually unobtainable, the Occult Studies Course provided by is adapted from this book and is free to all to study online.

The Golden Star

the golden star

Published in 1946, The Golden Star has been called "a refreshing refuge of peace and joy, and a radiant star of hope in this age of threatening darkness", by one reviewer. It can be read in full on this website, downloaded as a Free PDF or purchased in a new hardcover edition direct from the US publisher.

The Teachings of Li-Wang-Ho

the teachings of Li Wang Ho

This enchanting little book contains the teachings of a forgotten Chinese Sage who lived during the reign of the Emperor who commissioned the famous Terracotta Army. It can be read in full at, downloaded as a Free PDF, or purchased in a new hardcover edition direct from the US publisher.

The Quest of Ruru

the quest of ruru

Published in 1948, this book presents a living picture of the India of 2,000 years ago with fine descriptions of initiations and rites, with a most romantic love theme interwoven into the text, and true elucidations of the hidden secrets of the Universe so far as they may be revealed. It can be read in full at

Symphonie Fantastique

symphonie fantastique

Despite its title, this is NOT a book about music, but rather a metaphysical drama set some 427,000 years hence. The book takes the reader on a fantastic journey into the lower astral realms where we encounter the 'Prince of Darkness' in the shape of 'Iambus' and his court of colourful demons. It can be read in full at

The Book of Sa Heti

the book of sa heti

Published in 1950, critics have called this a 'Holy Book' which tells the true tale of Krishna—the Hindu Saviour and prototype of Christ. Within its jewelled pages the reader is gradually introduced to the highest occult truths, many of which have never been revealed so openly before. It can be read in full at