The Golden Star



“Are the names of these sorcerers of Atlantis still known, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-uti.

“In the Zohar there are allegorical references to such beings,” replied Neteru-Hem.

“There you find allusions to the Ischins, chained to a mountain in the desert, which means that these spirits are being chained to the earth during the cycle of incarnation. There is Azazyel, one of the chiefs of the transgressing Angels, mentioned in the Book of Enoch, who, descending upon Ardis, the top of Mount Armon, bound himself by oath to loyalty to the other Angels who refused to incarnate as men. It is told that Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, and magic mirrors; Amazarak was the teacher of sorcery and herbal secrets; Amers taught the solution of Magic; Barkayal taught Astrology; Akibeel, the meaning of portents, signs and omens; Tamiel taught Astronomy; Asaradel, the motion of the Moon. These seven were the first instructors of the Fourth Race of Man. In the Book of Ezekiel the history of the Atlantean sorcerers and their ultimate fate is clearly revealed. Search the Scriptures!"

“Do the sorcerers use any magic symbols, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-u.

“The esoteric sign of human sorcery, also called the symbol of Kali Yuga, is the five-pointed star reversed, 5-pointed star reversedwith its two points, or horns, upwards; in this manner it is used in ceremonial black magic. In the olden times the Jews were perfectly acquainted with sorcery and various maleficent forces, but they knew little of the real divine Occultism as a rule. Their great prophets like Daniel and Ezekiel did know, but the average Jewish prophets cared little about anything which had no direct bearing upon their own ethnical, tribal and individual benefits. Likewise, the Jesuits have turned the secret knowledge of the ancient mystery language of the Adepts, with its seven keys, which once was in the keeping of the highest initiated Hierophants of antiquity, into a system of sorcery. It is true that they possess only fragments of this language, but even so these remains contain a peculiar and dangerous power which the sorcerer can utilize to the detriment of mankind. From this esoteric, or mystery language, every theology has sprung. Each of its seven keys unlocks one of the seven mysteries of Nature. Its secrets were fully known to the High Priests of Egypt, but, from the fall of Memphis, Egypt began to lose these keys one by one, and in Chaldea only three were known in the days of Berosus. Only in India, China and Tibet, can be found men today who still have knowledge of all the seven sub-systems and the key to the entire system of this language. It was partly a system of exact science, geometrical, numerical and astronomical, and it was looked upon as of divine origin and revelation. Upon it the measurements of the Great Pyramid were based, and the programme of the Mysteries and initiations of which the Pyramid again is the everlasting record and the indestructible symbol.

“The knowledge of the astrological aspects of the constellations contained in this system gives the occultist the greatest facilities to perform what are called ‘magic’ feats; and on the 19th day of the second month, the 17th day of the eleventh month, the 7th day of the third month, for instance, the future of an individual can be seen, with all the coming events marshalled in their correct order.”

“How were the sorcerers, or giants, of Atlantis finally destroyed?” asked Ma-u.

“The story of the destruction of the Atlantean sorcerers is very similar to that of the story of Exodus as told in the Old Testament.

“It is told in the ancient books that the ‘Great King of the Dazzling Face’ was sad, seeing the sins of the Black-Faced. This means that the White Forces had now arrived at the moment when the iniquities of the sorcerers could be tolerated no longer. The Great King sent his air-vehicles to all the chiefs of the pious nations and tribes with messages to prepare to leave Atlantis as soon as possible, for the Lords of the Storm were approaching. The Gnomes and Fire Elementals were preparing their great magic. ‘Let all the sorcerers be sent into magnetic sleep so that they will be unaware of their approaching doom, and avoid pain and suffering in the end. But let their destiny be fulfilled and the Kings of Light return.’

“ ‘When the waters moved, the nations had already crossed the dry lands, and their Kings led them East and North. Meteors showered down upon the lands of the Black Forces, but still they slept on. The nether Lords waited for their orders so that they could arrest the elemental forces at work, but their masters, the black sorcerers, slept on, and no orders came. The waters then rose up and covered the face of Atlantis from one end to another. When the sorcerers awoke at last and called for the elemental Lords, it was too late, for they had gone. Some of the sorcerers, awaking before the others, pursued the fleeing peoples for three lunar months, but perished before they could reach them; the soil sinking under their feet and the Earth engulfing those who had desecrated her.’ Thus it is told in the ancient books, and in this manner were the Atlantean sorcerers wiped from off the face of the Earth. The old books also tell us of the terrible battles between the Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light; in Atlantis as well as in Lemuria. These sorcerers knew how to change their forms, and in the stories of the amours of Poseidon we read how he became a dolphin to win Amphitrite; a horse, to seduce Ceres; a ram, to deceive Theophane, and so on. In the person of Poseidon we can discover the genius of the Spirit and Race of Atlantis, and also of the vices of the sorcerers.”

“What then is sorcery, dear Messenger, and how do the witches produce their phenomena?” asked Ma-uti.

“Sorcery, Black Magic, and Witchcraft, are controlled by the will of the Wizards,” said Neteru-Hem.

“They project from within themselves a magnetic fluid which they have learned to mould, shape and direct in a perfectly conscious and scientific manner. In a way it is similar to the projection of certain wavelengths from a wireless broadcasting station. Only, in this latter case the receiving instrument has to be perfectly built up and attuned before it can receive those wavelengths and make them visible or audible. The sorcerer, on the other hand, controls the will of his subject by force, so that it shall be subservient to his commands and suggestions. There is a similarity to hypnotism here; but hypnotism of a more powerful kind. When the witch-doctors of such tribes as the Mullu Kurumba of the Nilgiris district of India, or the Dugpas of Sikkim and Bhûtân, or of any other tribe or people, wish to destroy their victims, they do this by employing their fully trained wills for that purpose. Their wills act with absolute certainty and are not dependent on the amount of nervous impressionability of their subjects; but the witch-doctor having chosen his victim, and having placed himself en rapport with him, the witch-doctor’s ‘fluid’ is sure to find its way and reach its goal. If the subject is meant to die, he dies; if he is meant to perform some act, he will perform it; if he is meant to behold a vision, spectacle, or person, he will see it. There is no possible defence against the potency of the wizard’s will, unless another and stronger will comes to the rescue and saves the patient. There are no haphazard methods employed, such as those used by the European ‘experimenter,’ who has no conception of the kind of forces with which he is contending.

“This knowledge of witchcraft and the methods employed by the expert is as old as the world, and has been used from days of Atlantis and Lemuria in this cycle, or Day of Brahmâ; and it has been used in previous cycles too, under similar conditions. In a lesser degree it can be said to be employed whenever a strong will exerts its influence for bad on a weaker one. It is true that magic is a two-fold power, for it can easily be turned into sorcery; all that is necessary is an evil thought. The symbols of magic and occult science have all a dual power, and their employment is fraught with danger; especially if the student or experimenter is not under expert guidance. There are many students of the occult whose mental capacity is incapable of discerning the right path from the left, and the key to the symbols, or teachings, can only be given by the Adept by word of mouth. The many works that deal with the higher forms of magic, which anyone can read and experiment with without the guidance of a teacher, are a real danger to the uninitiated. They can easily lead to sorcery and black magic and bring untold woes to the student and his family; the end of many of such unguided persons has been the mental home—or worse. Let no one doubt this, at their peril!

“This applies especially to the mystic characters, alphabets and numerals found in the Great Kabala. The misuse of the Wisdom contained in these symbols has led mankind into its present bonds of slavery.

“Plato, the great initiate, tells us in Phaedrus: ‘Before man’s spirit sank into sensuality and became embodied through the loss of his wings, he lived among the Gods in the airy spiritual world where everything is true and pure.’

“Since that Golden Age the sorcerers have used for their own nefarious purposes the secrets contained in the Runes, the writings of Kischuph, the Ephesian and Milesian letters, the book of Thoth, and the dreadful treatises of Targes, the Chaldean, and his disciple Tarchon, the Etruscan. They have perverted the Science of Correspondences, the mysteries of the Pentagram, the Tetragrammaton, the Elemental Pyramid and the various crosses; and they have pulled down the branches of the Tree of Life and made of them a bonfire, the flames of which threaten to destroy all that is meant by the sacred words, ‘Light, Life, and Love.’