The Golden Star


Demons and Devas

The highest poetry of speech or pen could never once succeed in a recital that would aptly show the purity of these inspiring shapes, ethereal, intangible; not shades or phantoms, but a race of pure intelligence and full of vital essence.

During the scene of transformation of the rugged, fierce landscape into one of the utmost beauty, Neteru-Hem, and Ma-u and Ma-uti had slowly strolled about, the latter enthralled with the splendour that was rising up all round them and in the far distance. But at the appearance of these Heavenly Beings, they were completely enchanted and wanted to know who they were and whence they came.

“These great Devas are some of the Dhyân Chohans, of which there are seven divisions. Of those, the Kumâras have most to do with Nature—and with humanity also. They are the Mind-Born Sons of Brahmâ-Rudra, or Shiva, the Destroyer, whilst Vishnu is the Preserver; and both are the Regenerators of Spiritual as well as of physical nature. To live is to die, and to die is to live, and so Shiva, the Destroyer, is the Creator and the Saviour of Spiritual Man, as he is the good gardener of Nature. His is the task to weed out the Cosmic and human plants, to kill the passions of the physical and to call into life the perceptions of the spiritual man.

“The Kumâras are known as the ‘virgin ascetics’ who refuse to create the material man.

“Those Devas you see here are the ones in charge of the waters, the woods, the hills, the mountains, and they are entirely benevolent and loving in nature. There are, further, the cloud and wind Devas, who paint those magnificent pictures in the sky at sunrise and sunset, or even in the middle of the day, or at night when there is a moon.

“In the Purânas we find mention of the Tairyagyonya creation, or fifth creation of the animals, birds and fishes, and all that creeps on the soil, or flies in the air, or dwells in the waters on in the earth.

“Thus Brahmâ Himself creates the four Orders of Beings, termed Gods, Demons, Progenitors, and Men. The Progenitors are those Pitris who evolved the first Root-Race of Men, and there are seven classes of Pitris. This creation took place in what is termed the Seventh Creation, the evolution of the Arvâksrotas Beings, or man; the so-called Mind-Born progeny with the ‘soft bones,’ who in turn became the evolvers of the ‘Sweat-Born,’ who in later evolutions gradually evolved into Man as we know him today.

“The Nature Devas are only one of the ranks or orders of spirits who compose the Hierarchy which rules the Universe under God. There are vast numbers of them and they are again divided into three classes—the Bodiless, the Form Devas and the Passion Devas. The Bodiless ones belong to the first Elemental Kingdom, and are composed of mental elemental Essence. Form Devas are of the lower Elemental World, and while their bodies are composed also of the same Essence, they are connected with the second Elemental Kingdom.

“The Passion Devas are in the Astral World, and their bodies are composed of Astral Elemental Essence.

“These Devas are all glorious Beings of vast knowledge and power, calm, yet irresistible, and altogether magnificent in appearance, as you can see. The elements they belong to are the air, the earth, fire and water. They are the Rulers of these Elements, and I will show you more of these later, and also the Elementals, who are their subjects.”

In the meantime the Devas presented a wondrous spectacle as they floated above the groves and rills, the fields and woodlands, the hills and mountains.

The Shining Ones were at their work of the evolution of the plants, the flowers, the trees; their auras radiating all around and stretching out in lovely colours like streamers, or moving clouds; and with these auras they touched the growing things; thus imparting to them their own vital forces. With radiant smiles they gazed upon Ma-u and Ma-uti, changing their auras’ forms into lovely golden wings; or rose, pale blue, soft green, or into a veritable palette of all the tints beheld in mother-of-pearl. Sometimes they ascended in the air in conformation at rapid pace, and then, after circling high up, they formed into groups that like glittering meteors fell down and each group in so falling produced a note of trembling music. When several groups fell together, each in a different formation, a chord rang out and as it sounded there rose from out the earth a shining fiery pillar that rang with heavenly melody, so sweet that all the senses reeled in ecstasy.

It was a glowing column, stretching right on high up to the sailing fleecy clouds that slowly swam along. Vibrating with an elemental energy it whirled round and round whilst throwing vortex after vortex wide of brilliant coruscations, each particle a note of ringing minstrelsy, yet sweet and dulcet to the soul. Vaster and yet vaster did the pillar turn in swift gyration, and wider flew the glowing singing particles, till suddenly a great bouquet of jubilant streamers rose high up from out its apex and scattered in the heavens in a mighty chord, a symphony sublime, a burst of melody divine that filled the starry vault.

And now there came an interchange of radioactivity from group to group, dynamic, vital; and streams of coloured light flashed to and fro and set the firmament on fire with splendour inconceivable. And all the heavens rang with luscious, mellow themes, concordant and harmonious; triumphant, descant, ariose and sweet, as if a choir of angels chant in poignant rapture, ravishment, delight and ecstasy beatific.

A rain of liquid sparks descends all o’er the land, in colours pink and mauve and white and silvery blue; a pouring down from out these harmonies of pure delicious incantation—that conjures up a surging swell of animation; vitalizing all the earth.

Delirious with happiness, Ma-u and Ma-uti turned their shining eyes upon the Messenger and grasped his hands.

“Oh, thank you, thank you for showing us all these wonders,” they said.

Lovingly the Messenger regarded the pair for a few moments and said: “Some of the Hierarchies of Devas of the First and Second Races have taught humanity the origin of everything on earth, and of the Cosmic Evolution of all things and beings, including physical man, right from the first beginnings up to the beginning of the Kali Yuga, about 5,000 years ago, which coincided with the death of Krishna, the bright Sun-God, the once living hero and performer. They taught the true history of the Races, from the First to the Fifth. The Sages of the Third Race, the Mânushis, learned it from the Devas and passed the knowledge on to the inhabitants of lost Atlantis; and it was given in the Senzar language, which was known to the Initiates of every Nation. These learned this secret sacerdotal tongue from the Sons of Light in Central Asia, and parts of this knowledge can be found in all the sacred Books, such as the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the Pentateuch, the sacred volumes of the Egyptian Thoth-Hermes, of the Purânas in India, and the Shu-King, China’s primitive Bible, in the Kiu-ti, the Siphrah Dzeniouta, and even in the Sepher Jetzirah of the Kabalists.

“The Devas are also known as the Anupâdaka, parentless, without progenitors. The mystery of the Hierarchy of the Anupâdaka is great, its apex being the Universal Spirit-Soul, and the lower rung the Mânushi-Buddha; and every soul-endowed man also is an Anupâdaka in a latent state. The ignorant early Christian Fathers regarded the Devas as evil, in common with the later Zoroastrians, whereas in reality they are the conscious intelligent Powers in nature; and not only have they to do with the evolution of the earth, but there are Devas connected with all the planets.