The Golden Star



“It is most necessary that the true Teachings shall again be spread among mankind. Is it not foretold in the Book called Vishnu Purâna that the whole world will be in a terrible turmoil? The writer of that book prophecies that there will be rulers upon the earth of churlish spirit, violent temper, and ever addicted to falsehood and wickedness. They will inflict death on women and children, seize the property of their subjects; they will be of limited power, their lives will be short, their desires insatiable. People of various countries will mingle with them and follow their example; the people will perish, wealth and piety will decrease day by day, until the world will be wholly depraved. Dishonesty will be the universal means of subsistence; weakness the cause of dependence; menace and presumption will be substituted for learning; a man, if rich, will be reputed pure. He who is strongest will reign; the people, unable to bear the heavy burdens will flee; thus decay will constantly proceed, until the human race approaches its annihilation. Then, a portion of that divine Being which exists of its own spiritual nature shall descend upon Earth, endowed with super-human faculties. He will reestablish righteousness upon earth: the minds of those who are still alive shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal. The men who are thus changed shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race which shall follow the laws of the Age of Purity. This prediction is already coming to pass, and as many men as will hear should be prepared now for the coming of that great enlightenment.

“The Secret Teachings establish three fundamental propositions: Firstly, an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless and Immutable Principle, on which all speculation is impossible, since it transcends the power of human conception and can only be dwarfed by any human expression or similitude. It is beyond the reach of thought; unthinkable and unspeakable. Secondly, the Eternity of the Universe in toto as a boundless Plane; periodically the playground of numberless Universes; incessantly manifesting and disappearing, called the manifesting Stars, and the Sparks of Eternity. Thirdly, the fundamental identity of all Souls with the Universal Over-Soul, the latter being Itself an Aspect of the Unknown Root. And further, the obligatory pilgrimage for every Soul—a spark of the former—through the Cycles of Incarnation during the whole term of each Universe or Kosmos.

“Remember again, that by Soul is meant the ‘higher mind’, which is the negative aspect of the positive Soul—which never incarnates in the same manner as the higher Mind.

“Further, it is only with a Mind clear and undarkened by Personality, and an assimilation of the merit of manifold Existences devoted to Being in its collectivity [the whole living and sentient Universe], that one gets rid of personal existence, merging into, becoming one with the Absolute,’ and continuing in full possession of super-consciousness, which is the highest truth of Reality; hence the greater Consciousness, or Self, which scrutinizes that lesser consciousness which is below, or outward; the reflection which analyzes itself.

“The Worlds, to the profane, are built up of the known (?) elements. To the conception of the Spiritual Intelligence that has conquered, subdued, and trained matter until his body is but the material expression of himself, it is divine Life.

“The Soul of Man is a God, and his Mind its counterpart, in spite of physiology, which admits Mind only as a temporary function of the material brain, and no more.

“It is equal to the various ‘Creators’ in the Sublime Regions, and it has been, and is, often in direct contact with these Gods through the Minds of the trained Occultists, who have both perceived and sensed them.

“These Creators have Form, represented by the pyramid of the triad, and therefore matter, the cube, making up the septenary Being.

“As the Soul, or Spirit—this being the positive Principle of both men and Gods—is without form, however, it must be the Minds of both (their negative principles) which are the material parts of both Gods and Men. And although the Soul–Minds of the Gods, Devas, Angels, or whatever else we call them, consist of both Spirit and Matter, and the One Deity is Pure Spirit, though transcended beyond human or Angelic conception, this proves that before Man or Angel can finally be liberated, and return to that Divine Essence of the Deity, he must either so sublimate that Mind-part of the Soul that it becomes pure Spirit, or lose it altogether.

“There is One Eternal Law, which always adjusts contraries and produces final Harmony. And it is by this Law of Spiritual development, superseding the physical and purely intellectual (matter and mind), that Gods and Men will become freed, and find themselves finally Self-redeemed.

“We must learn to distinguish between the various principles from the All-Cause downward.

“The All-Cause, the One Life, the Deity, is Supreme Spirit. It causes to come into being the Living Spirit of Nature. From this proceeds the Spiritual or Intellectual Soul. Thence the living, or Life Soul. Then the embodied Soul, or Universe of Spirit and Ethereal Matter. And finally, the False Perception—or material Universe. This is the Esoteric Order of the effects of the All-Cause.

“Plato taught that beyond all finite existences and secondary causes, all laws, ideas and principles, there is an Intelligence or Mind (Nous), the first principle of all principles, the Supreme Idea on which all other Ideas are grounded: the ultimate substance from which all things derive their being and essence, the First and efficient Cause of all the order, and harmony, and beauty and excellency, and goodness, which pervade the Universe.

“From the transformation into energy of the supra-conscious Thought of the Deity, infused into the objectivation of the latter out of potential latency into the One Reality, spring the wondrous Laws of Matter out of unmanifested primordial Matter. These are the Noumena of which phenomena are the expression. Matter succeeds the Thought, but, minus Matter, the Thought is for all practical intents and purposes nonexistent. Thus closely knit together are Spirit and Matter; or Deity and the manifested Universe.

“Space and Time are One; they are nameless, for they are the incognisable THAT, which can be sensed only through its Seven Rays—which are the Seven Creations, Worlds, Laws, Gods. That the Ancients knew this is proved in the Papyrus of Ani, where it says: ‘O God Ani, Thou residest in the agglomeration of Thy Divine Personages.’ The God Ani in this case being the Spiritual Sun.