The Golden Star


The Great Light

“Those Adepts who thus sacrifice themselves to live upon earth, giving up their rightful places in the Heavenly Realms, become the vehicles of a ‘Son of Light’ from still higher spheres, who, being a formless Entity on the highest planes, has no Astral Body of his own fit for the lower or earthly levels, for he has become identified with the First, or Highest, Principle of the One God. This is real sacrifice, the explanation of which pertains to the highest Initiation of Occult Knowledge.”

Here the Messenger paused.

The music of the colours within the Light blazed forth like unto mighty conflagrations, tearing down and consuming the last shreds of earthly Illusion. This was a new existence, deep and rich and beautifully clear beyond telling, and far beyond anything they had ever conceived within themselves and others, or without. Here were riches surpassing all earthly dreams of wealth and splendour.

“If the Spirit of God is reflected within the hidden, central Sun, of which the visible Sun is a reflection, reflected in the earth and planets, man being a reflection of the earth, the higher mind a reflection of the Soul, as it were, and the lower mind a reflection of the higher; how then can the higher mind—being only a reflection, which has no more actual existence than body, earth and planets, Sun visible and Sun invisible—how can this mind achieve realization by itself of the true and only Actuality?” asked Ma-u.

“It can only do this by attuning with the Soul—which is God,” replied Neteru-Hem.

“The Higher Mind is not quite the illusion you seem to think. It is that part of the Soul which descends into Man, whose lower mind has risen from the lowest forms of matter, and rises by successive stages until it finds itself within the human body, rich with material experience. Then comes the struggle of the Higher Mind, overcoming the material and attuning with the Spiritual. It must release itself from the delusive selves of consciousness, sensation, perception, and material predispositions even in the earthly life. When it has succeeded in doing this, it has reached illumination and knows that all these illusionary principles do not form the true Ego. Whilst the brain, body and all false perception perish with so-called death, the essential part of man escapes and dwells elsewhere for a time, or for ever. The doctrine of total extinction of man’s Soul and Mind, or spirit, if you wish to call it that, is a wicked heresy and devoid of all truth.

“After the passing away from the world of the Lord Buddha, the King of Kosala asked of the learned nun, Khema, the following questions:

‘Venerable Lady, the Perfect One is dead. Does he exist after death?’

‘Great King, the Exalted One has not declared that he exists after death.’

‘Then, venerable Lady, does the Perfect One not exist?’

‘The Perfect One has not declared that he does not exist after death.’

‘But, venerable Lady—does and does not? How is this possible?’

And, smiling a little, the learned nun replied:

‘Great King, have you an accountant or a mint-master who could count the sands of Ganges and lay the figure before you?’

‘Venerable Lady, no.’

‘Or who could measure the drops in the Ocean?’

‘Again no, venerable Lady.’

‘And why? Because the Ocean is deep, immeasurable, unfathomable. So also is it if the existence of the Perfect One be measured by any human category, for all statements of bodily form are abolished in the Perfect One; their root is severed; they are done with and can germinate no more. The Perfect One is released from the possibility that his being can be gauged in any human terms. He is now deep, immeasurable and unfathomable as the Ocean, and neither the terms of existence, or of non-existence as understood by the world, fit him anymore’ (*see Author’s note in sidebar).

“There are,” continued Neteru-Hem, “three conditions of the mind. The first and lowest is the voice of the senses—or opinion. This is a terrible power, carrying with it an enormous responsibility, for it can be manifested in wrath and fury, ire and rage, bloodshed and carnage, hatred and estrangement. Or it can be displayed in love, mercy and goodness. And as this power is used, so it will draw—by attunement—the same conditions towards the performer of these attributes of the senses, or the higher or lower mind.

“The second state is that of the intellect. This is a condition of cold, hard and clear reasoning. All evidences of the imagination, of love, poetry or exaltation, find no place in the mind of the purely intellectual person when dealing with scientific investigations or rational pursuits. Only facts count, and proof must be piled on proof before these facts are accepted. This is excellent from a material point of view and a necessary stage in the development of the mind. Yet it leads nowhere in the end, for as intellectual science proceeds it discards every fact in turn for new facts, which are also disproved and discarded as time goes on, and eventually science returns to the first starting point, and the same cycle commences anew, but in a different manner.

“Only when Illumination is reached can the Mind—in its third round—become certain of having acquired WISDOM. Before it is thus perfected it endeavours to count the sands of the desert, or the drops in the Ocean, and it exists in a perpetual state of twilight; ever puzzled and perplexed by the multitudinous evidences of the variety of God’s creations; and it is far removed from the Great Light of profound Omnipotence of the Infinite One Lord.

“Intellect constantly searches and rejects; Illumination finds and keeps.

“Until ‘Illumination’ has been reached, the ‘Light’ will be no more than a form of energy consisting of vibrations in the ether, which act upon the optic nerve and make vision possible. And how dark that light is when compared with the Illuminism of the Illuminati!”