The Golden Star


The Great Light

“The Logos has been compared to the Sun through which light and heat radiate, but whose energy, light and heat, exist in some unknown condition in Space and are diffused in Space only as visible light and heat, the Sun being only the Agent thereof. This is the first triadic hypostasis. The quaternary is made up by the energizing light shed by the Logos.

“We must seek for the ultimate causes of light and heat in Matter, existing in supersensuous states; which states are as fully objective, however, to the spiritual eye of man as an ordinary object is to the ordinary mortal. Light and heat are the shadow or ghost of Matter in motion. Such states can be perceived by the Seer or Adept during the hours of trance or illumination. According to John Leslie’s theory of the fluidity of light and heat, there is no fundamental difference between light and heat; each is merely a metamorphosis of the other. Heat is Light in complete repose. Light is Heat in rapid motion. Directly light is combined with a body it becomes heat; but when it is thrown off from that body it again becomes light.

“Science further teaches that the excitation of molecular motion produces heat, and that heat can be converted into mechanical motion. Therefore, the fluid theory of heat is disproved, or at any rate these facts are obstacles to its acceptance. But just as electricity is called a fluid, so science stated that heat was a fluid, until science decided that it was not a fluid but a mode of motion, as it was thought. But Occult Science knows that this is not so.

“Heat, light, electricity and magnetism are not causes, but effects. It is on the doctrine of the illusive nature of Matter, and the infinite divisibility of the Atom, that the whole Science of Occultism is built. It opens limitless horizons to Substance, informed by the divine breath of its Soul in every possible state of tenuity; states still undreamed of by the most spiritually disposed Chemists and Physicists.

“Force is the passage of one state of motion into another state of the same; of electricity into heat and light, of heat into sound and some mechanical function, and so on. So it is on the plane of manifestation of illusionary matter; but Force is not the cause of motion but a result, while the cause of that Force, or Forces, is not the Substance of Matter, but Motion itself; and the cause of Motion is Spirit.

“Modern Physics, which borrowed its Atomic Theory from the Ancients, ignored the most important part of the doctrine by omitting the fact that from Anaxagoras to Epicurus, to the Roman Lucretius, and finally even to Galileo, all the Philosophers believed to a greater or lesser extent in animated atoms; not in invisible specks of ‘brute’ matter. They taught that rotary motion was generated by the more divine and pure Atoms forcing other atoms downwards; whilst the lighter ones were simultaneously thrust upward. This means esoterically that there is an eternal, cyclic curve of differentiated Elements downward and upward through inter-cyclic phases of existence (as illustrated by the symbol of the Swastika)swastika, until each again reaches its point of emergence. This idea is physical as well as metaphysical, for the hidden interpretation embraces Gods or Souls, in the shape of Atoms, as the causes of all the effects produced on Earth by the secretions from the divine bodies, or turbulent Elements, as Plato terms them in his Timaeus. No Ancient Philosopher, not even the Jewish Kabalists, ever dissociated Spirit from Matter, or Matter from Spirit. All that originates in the One Life returns to the One Life. ‘Light becomes heat, and consolidates into fiery particles,’ said Valentinus. Poemander, the Divine Logos, said: ‘The Light is I, I am the Nous (the Mind, or God), I am the God, and I am far older than the human principle which escapes from the Shadow’ [darkness or the divine principle]. ‘Fire and Flame destroy the body of an Arhat, their essence makes him immortal’ as it is written in Book II of the Bodhi-Mör.

“The Tibetan word Od, used by von Reichenbach in the same sense, is the name for the first Light in Creation, the first Light of the primordial Elohim, the vital fluid, the ‘sky’ in an Occult sense, or scientifically, Electricity and Life; and in Hermetic Philosophy it means ‘Life infused into Primordial Matter.’

“Ob is the nefarious evil fluid, the messenger of death used by sorcerers.

“Aour is the synthesis of the two: Astral Light.

“Hermes separates the subtle Light from the solid or gross. This has several meanings, one of which is that he distinguished the pure, divine Light, which is darkness to man, from the light of this world, coming from the Sun, which is darkness to the dwellers in the Divine Light of the Celestial Realms.

“Man must learn to separate the two kinds of light and know them for what they are.

“Zeno taught that the Universe evolves, and that its primary substance is transformed from the state of Fire into that of Air, then into that of Water, and so on.

“Heraclitus of Ephesus said that fire is the principle that underlies all Nature, and the Universe is fire, and fire intelligence.

“Anaximenes said the same of air, and Thales of Miletus, of water, but Occult Science knows that the Great Light is the Divine Source of All.

“The teachings of all these Philosophers were right, but none complete, for, as we may read in the Bible: ‘Without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life; and the Life was the Light of men’ (John 1:3).

“Light is the one instrument with which the Logos works.

“The light of the Spirit is the eternal Sabbath of the Mystic or Occultist, and he pays little attention to that of mere sense.