The Golden Star


The Great Light

“In the ‘Beginning,’ that which is called in mystic phraseology ‘Cosmic Desire’ evolves into Absolute Light. Light without any shadow—such as you see here—is Absolute Light. When there is shadow it appears under the form of primordial matter, allegorized in the shape of the Spirit of Creative Fire, Heat, or Fohat. Science calls it the primordial ‘fire-mist’; it is that which causes the Universe to move with circular motion.

“On the material plane Light, Flame, Cold Flame, Fire, Heat, Water, and Water of Life, are the progeny of electricity; the latter being the One Life at the upper Rung of Being, whilst at the lower rung it is the Astral Fluid, the Athanor of the Alchemists.

“Fire is the creator, preserver and the destroyer, generated by Electricity; which is also the creator of that Light which is the essence of our divine ancestors; and of Flame—the soul of things.

“Light is called the cold flame because the energy that actuates matter, after its first formation into atoms, is generated on the material plane by Cosmic Heat; and before this happens Kosmos, in the sense of dissociated matter, did not exist.

“The first Primordial Matter, eternal and coeval with Space, which has neither beginning nor end, is neither hot nor cold, but is of its own special nature. Heat and Cold are relative qualities and pertain to the realms of manifested worlds, which all proceed from the manifested primordial substance, which, in its absolutely latent aspect, is referred to as the ‘Cold Virgin,’ and when awakened to life as the ‘Mother.’ Therefore, primordial matter, before it emerges from the plane of the never-manifesting, and awakens to the thrill of action under the impulse of Fohat, is but a cool radiance; colourless, formless, tasteless, and devoid of every quality and aspect.

“Of such nature are the first great Entities that develop later into the Cosmic Elements, and they are then successively Ākāshic—or primordial, superetheric, beyond the ether known to Science, or even to Occultism—Ethereal, Watery and Fiery. This first-named Element—Ākāsha—is the cause of sound; a psychical and spiritual cause, not a material one. It is technically called Tattva, which is the manifestation of the Third Logos on the Ātmic Plane. From all this the lower or more outward manifestations proceed.

“The Four Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, are all but lower manifestations of the primordial substance. These elements may be termed parahydrogenic; ‘para’ signifying the force beyond, or outside, paraoxygenic, oxyhydrogenic, and ozonic, or perhaps nitrozonic; the latter forces, or gases, being the most effective and active when energizing on the plane of more grossly differentiated matter.

“These elements are both electro-positive and electro-negative. They are known by other names in Alchemy and to the Occultists who practise phenomenal powers. It is by combining and recombining, or dissociating the Elements in a certain way by means of Astral Fire that the greatest phenomena are produced.

“It is written: ‘As a spider throws out and retracts its web, as herbs spring up in the ground . . . so is the Universe derived from the undecaying One; for the Germ of the Unknown Darkness is the material from which all evolves and develops. The Germ expands and becomes the Universe, woven out of his own substance.’

“It has been well said that light is inconceivable except as coming from some source which is the cause of it; and as, in the case of Primordial Light, that source is unknown, though so strongly demanded by reason and logic, therefore it is called Darkness, from an intellectual point of view. As to borrowed or secondary light, such as comes from the Sun, or whatever else its source, it can only be temporary in character. Darkness, therefore, is the eternal matrix in which the sources of light constantly appear and disappear. Nothing is added to Darkness to make of it light, or to light to make it darkness, on the earthly plane. They are interchangeable; and, scientifically, light is but a mode of darkness, and darkness a mode of light. Yet both are phenomena of the same object of pure reason, which is apprehended by the intuition or understanding alone, without the aid of the senses, and this object is the absolute darkness of the scientific mind, and but a grey twilight to the perception of the average mystic; although to the spiritual eye of the Initiate it is Absolute Light.

“When the light of our Kosmos is lit and shines forth, the Above is shut out and the Below is seen as the Great Illusion, which blinds the eyes of Man.

“In the Scandinavian poem Völuspá (Song of the Prophetess), the Mundane Egg is again discovered in the Phantom Germ of the Universe, which is represented as lying in the Cup of Illusion, the Boundless and Void Abyss. In this World’s Matrix, formerly a region of Night and Desolation, the Mist-Place in the Astral Light, dropped a Ray of Cold Light which overflowed this Cup and froze in it. Then the Invisible blew a scorching Wind which dissolved the frozen Waters and cleared the Mist. (The Word, or Breath, awakening Chaos.)

“These Waters, distilling in vivifying drops, fell down and created the Earth and the Giant Ymir, who had only the semblance of a man (the Heavenly Man), and the Cow, Auðhumla (the Mother, Astral Light or Cosmic Soul), from whose udder flowed four streams of milk—the four Cardinal Points; the four heads of the four rivers of Eden, and so on, which four are symbolized by the Cube in all its various and mystical meanings.

“In Eastern Esotericism and the Kabala, in order to bring the Logos within the range of human conception, He has been resolved into the abstract synthesis of concrete images, such as Avalokiteshvara, Brahmâ, Ormazd, Osiris, Adam Kadmon, which are all aspects, or manvantaric emanations of the Dhyân Chohans, the Elohim, the Devas, etc. Metaphysicians explain the root and germ of the latter as the first manifestation of the Cosmic Logos, which is the highest trinity that man is capable of understanding, inasmuch as He is the Veil, God, and the conscious energy of God; or matter, ego, and force, the root of Self, of which every other kind of self is but a manifestation or a reflection. And the ‘Seven Sons of Divine Wisdom’ is the Light of the Logos, split up into numberless emanations and centres of energy personified.