The Golden Star


Cosmic Consciousness

“These teachings are not for the multitude but for the few; and like always takes like unto itself, but the unlike never agrees with the unlike. The evil man who hears these words is led to sharpen and whet his maliciousness upon them; for it is the whole Nature and Composition of those living things called men to be prone to maliciousness, which nourishes and delights them; and when they learn that all things are done according to Providence and Necessity, they will only despise all things because they are made, and lay the cause of their evil doings upon Fate and Destiny, so that they will never refrain from their evil works. But when they do not know of the hidden Laws they may be less evil, for fear of that which is secret.

“Being inharmonious within they are out of harmony with that which is from within outward, and of Truth they have none. Only harmony within the Mind can blend with the harmony of the Soul, when the Mind Knows Itself as part of the One Life, which must mingle and become One with the Light of the Soul.

“Life leading to Light results in the Greater Life in Light. When life leads to darkness, the final result is eternal death. But unless a man be holy and good, pure and merciful, the Light cannot come into his life; his Mind cannot hear the voice of his Soul. But once the Mind hears, the Soul’s presence will manifest in many wonderful ways; for forthwith the Mind will know all things, and lovingly it will supplicate the Father, and, blessing Him, give thanks, being ordered and directed by filial Affection and natural Love. And before such enlightened ones give up their bodies they will know the senses that operate them for what they are—Illusion. That condition may be reached in many ways, such as the doing of good deeds and abstaining from revenge when the recipient of your services turns and rends you. It cannot be attained by words and self-indulgence. The understanding of it will come gradually to those who are tolerant and strive unselfishly. Thus it is possible to return to the Father, and surrender to the powers, in order to become a power in God.

“The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness whilst still in the flesh gives a deep understanding of all mankind, so that you can become a guide and way-leader to those who are worthy, and lead them back to the One Reality.

“You will teach them that they can free themselves from death, as all have the power to partake of Immortality by departing from the ways of Error and the darkness of Ignorance.

“The Prayer of Hermes is:

‘Holy is God the Father of All Things.
‘Holy is God Whose Will is Performed and Accomplished by His Own Powers.
‘Holy is God, that Determineth to be Known, and is Known of His Own, or Those that are His.
‘Holy art Thou, that by Thy Word hast established all Things.
‘Holy art Thou of Whom all Nature is the Image.
‘Holy art Thou Whom Nature hath not Formed.
‘Holy art Thou that art Stronger than all Power.
‘Holy art Thou, that art Greater than all Excellency.
‘Holy art Thou, Who art Better than all Praise.
‘Accept these Reasonable Sacrifices from a Pure Soul, and a Heart stretched out unto Thee.
‘O Thou Unspeakable, Unutterable, to be Praised with Silence! I beseech Thee, that I may never Err from the Knowledge of Thee. Look Mercifully upon Me, and Enable Me, and Enlighten with this Grace, those that are in Ignorance, the Brothers of my Kind, but Thy Sons.
‘Therefore I Believe Thee, and Bear Witness, and go into the Life and Light.
‘Blessed art Thou, O Father, Thy Man would be Sanctified with Thee, as Thou hast given Him all Power.’

“The greatest Sin of which the Mind is capable is Ignorance; for the Mind that knows not the things that are, nor their natures, is blinded, and rushes and dashes against the bodily Passions; not ruling but ruled. This is the greatest mischief of the Mind of Man.

“But Knowledge is the Virtue of the Mind, for he that knows is good and worships the All-Being, and therefore he is already half Divine.

“And he will attend in Silence; for God is neither spoken nor heard.

“This knowledge is the gift of God; for all knowledge of the Divine is unbodily. It uses the Mind as an instrument, as the Mind uses the body.

“God is in the Soul, the Soul pervades the Mind, the Mind is in Matter; and all are Eternal.

“And there is but ONE Soul, ONE Life, and ONE Matter; and all are contained in ONE God alone.

“Life is the Union of the Soul with the Mind in Matter.

“But death is not the destruction of those three principles, but a dissolving of the Union.

“For the Image of God is Eternity; of Eternity, the Kosmos; of the Kosmos, the Sun; of the Sun, Man.

“Everything that moves is of the Spirit; all that is moved is a body, and spirit is moved into the bodies by the Soul. Motion, however, is Passion, and both Mind and body suffer through Passion; but once the Mind is freed from the body, it is freed likewise from Passion, and it moves without action or Passion—which are both the same.

“Generation is not a creation of Life, but a Production of Things to Sense, and making them manifest. Neither is change Death, but an Occultation or Hiding of that which was evident to the senses; and man can so expand his Consciousness that he sees and touches Heaven with his senses.

“Whether you speak of Matter, body, or of Spirit, these are all acts of God. The Act of Matter is materiality; of the body corporeality; and of Spirit essentiality; and this is God the whole. And in the whole there is nothing that is not God. Wherefore, about God there is neither Greatness, Place, Quality, Figure, or Time; for He is All, and the All, through All, and about All. And the only service to God is not to be evil. But God is not—as it seems to some who blaspheme through ignorance—without sense and without Mind or Understanding; for the Sense and Understanding of God is to move all things always, and neither is there anything without Him, nor He without anything.

“These Teachings are one form of Cosmic Consciousness, just as the Teachings of the Master Jesus were, and those of Buddha, and some of the Divinely inspired messages of St. Paul and others. The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness brings to a man an elevation of all the senses, so that he becomes a shining beacon in the world of Error, giving forth a blaze of illumination. To him will gravitate all that are good and that is good. The Spirits of Darkness will first attack him and then dissolve into Nothingness, for they are not; being only reflections of the illusions which surround man on Earth, and therefore still more powerless than man himself—if he ignores them. He can dissolve these illusive shadows with soothing words, for those they cannot understand. Therefore they fear them as things mysterious and unknown, as a troop of wolves will not dare to approach the fleeing sleigh from which dangles an end of string upon the snow. For that mysterious, dancing twine or cord has all the terrors of the inscrutable, and in the same manner the utter calm of one who has received enlightenment will embarrass and perplex, abash and nonplus those whose Minds dwell in a state of agitation, of evil temper, or spiteful malevolence. They wilt against that serene and majestic barrier of placid tranquillity of the man who has mastered all his principles, and therefore mastered all the Wisdom of Nature and Beyond.