The Golden Star


Cosmic Consciousness

“Without this cooperation matter and sense would be nonexistent; for as sense needs matter to perceive, so matter not perceived has no existence; for there would be no one to perceive it. The phenomena of the earth-plane are the creations of the perceiving Ego—the modifications of its own subjectivity; and all states of matter representing the aggregate of perceived objects can have but a relative and purely phenomenal existence for the inhabitants of the earth.

“But this does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that it is the same on all other planes.

“From the standpoint of the highest metaphysics, the whole Universe, God included, is an Illusion. But the illusion to him who is in himself an illusion, several times removed, differs on every plane of consciousness; and no one has the right to dogmatize about the possible nature of perceptive faculties of an Ego, say, on the Second Higher Spiritual Plane, or the Sixth Plane of the Septenary Kosmos, any more than a human Ego can have a true perception of the state of consciousness of an ant, and its modes of perception.

“Actually there is but One Absolute Consciousness, whether it is called that or Cosmic Consciousness, or by any other name; it is the ONE REALITY, the ABSOLUTE, the ONE LIFE; it is that ESSENCE which is out of all relation to conditioned existence, and of which conscious existence is a conditioned symbol; conditioned existence being material, subject to change, error and illusion. The duality of consciousness and matter, subject and object, are to be regarded as the two symbols or aspects of the Absolute, and not as independent realities.

“Once these Truths are understood all sense of the I-ness of an individual falls away, never to return.

“The term ‘I am I’ is no more than a physical basis, necessary to focus a Ray of the Universal Consciousness at a certain stage of complexity in individual matter.

“The nearer a soul is to the Absolute, the more it approaches to the true Cosmic Consciousness, and the further it is removed from material illusion. On the way to absolute consciousness it passes through a number of stages. The unevolved Mind will dwell in the Astral World after each of thousands of incarnations, until it grows in spiritual perception and may dwell for hundreds of intervals between its earthly lives on the next or higher plane. Then it may be ready for the next, which takes many millions of years. On each plane it will have different realizations of physical existence in different shapes. It will assume many bodily forms, extensions of the human shape, in more spiritualized or ethereal manifestations as it ascends. The last plane where this happens is the World of Astral Fire, the Fourth Plane, counting upwards from the Earth-Plane, which is the First.

“After this the consciousness expands still more and in the three Higher Planes the Soul–Mind enters into conditions of bliss and intelligence, blazing with life, extended and magnified to a high condition of such perfection that it cannot be spoken of but only realized; for no words could describe the nature of these planes or the sensations experienced there. Even if one were told of it, he would only hear but not understand: unless he himself knew from experience.

“A still greater mystery is that as man’s Soul–Mind rises to the higher spheres he calls these regions into being, and gives them life and form by his perceptions and realizations, in the same manner as he brings to life the conditions on the lowest plane of the septenary Kosmos—the Earth.

“From the physical planes he rises to the intellectual, and thence to the spiritual planes, thus ascending the three finite aspects, or reflections on the fields of Cosmic Illusion, until the seventh plane of perception is reached; the Highest Reality possible in the Spiritual Realms below the Divine!”

“Can the Soul leave the body and Mind, departing to these higher planes whilst the body, with a very depraved Mind, for instance, remains alive on Earth?” asked Ma-u.

“This doctrine is taught in some of the Occult teachings, and especially in Chinese and Buddhist Philosophies,” replied Neteru-Hem.

“But,” he continued, “there is a misunderstanding in such doctrines; for the Soul is never in the body, but surrounds it, as it were; or accompanies it, would be a better term. As long as life lasts the Soul is with the body, and it can even penetrate and pervade it, thus increasing the radiance of the aura. It acts as a sort of Guardian Angel, ever ready to guide, lead and advise the higher Mind—if the latter will only listen to it.

“It is called ‘The Master within’ by some, and this is a very good description of it. When the Soul finally severs its connection with the body and its lower mind, the body, together with the lower mind, disintegrates, and the higher mind—dwelling within the Astral Body—departs from the lowest plane to inhabit one of the others for the time being.

“A human unit on the planes of illusion, when once freed from the three forms of egotism, or individualization, the I-making principle necessary in order that self-consciousness may be evolved, but transcended when its work is over—the principle acting in the physical, mental and Astral Worlds—this unit then merges in full consciousness with all the other previously arrived units which now dwell within the Eternal Mind of the One Life. They know all that is within that One Cause, having absolutely merged with the shining Intelligences which form that indescribable Unity and Fiery Glory: alert, alive, brilliantly wise and sagacious, profound and enlightened and quick. A whirlwind of Spiritual Wisdom and erudition, information and attainment, such as the human mind, no matter how full of learning and genius, could never contain; a supra-Divine Intelligence beyond human comprehension; all-powerful, merciful and loving. They have learned to know the things that are, how they are ordered and governed, and by whom and for what cause, or to what end, and they acknowledge thanks to the Workman as to a good Father, an excellent Nurse, and a faithful Steward; they know what the Truth is, and knowing this they worship and adore THAT which IS.

“So it was taught by the Divine Trismegistus, and so it is and will be for all Eternity.

“And this Truth can only be learned after much strife and dissension within the Mind, which must first overcome itself before that which is good can be set at liberty, and is no longer ensnared in the fields of Illusion. For whatsoever is in Heaven is unalterable, and all that is not is subject to change; whilst the middle region of Fire partakes of both.

“Hermes further teaches that in the highest Realms all is known, and in the lower nothing is known for certain, for the material things upon Earth and in the Astral Regions cannot communicate with Heaven.

“The Generation of Man is corruption and the corruption of the earthly and Astral man is the beginning of the generation of the Spirit.

“Heaven is the true receptacle of everlasting bodies, whilst all upon Earth is corruptible, for as God is the immutable and unalterable Good, so man is an unchangeable evil as man; and not until he frees his Mind from the bondage of the material and the ethereal in whatever form, can it become equal unto the Soul which is Good unalterable—and God.