The Golden Star


Cosmic Consciousness

“St. Paul belonged to this group of Initiates. For this reason Paul was hated by Peter, John and James, who looked upon him as a magician, a man polluted with the Gnosis, with the Wisdom of the Pagan Greek Mysteries. But they overlooked the fact that Jesus Himself was said to be such an Initiate, as were Plato and Euclid, and also Pythagoras; the latter one of the grandest of Scientists. Cosmic Consciousness is a reaching out beyond gross matter. We can do so only through one of our seven spiritual senses, either by training one or another, or if one is a born Seer. Cosmic Consciousness is further a ‘togetherness’ with all things and beings contained within the Kosmos.

“One must be able to identify himself with a stone, a flower, an animal, and feel with their feelings, latent or active, and so attune and become conscious of all they are within. One must become ONE with all Nature. When gazing at a planet we must sink our identities in that planet; attune with its rays and vibrations, become aware of what it consists, how it operates and is operated; what it feels as it swings along its majestic circuit through the heavens; how it is repulsed by and attracted to its brother-planets; know how it sings and rings with joy and adds its vibrant note to the rest of the songs of its celestial kin. It should be possible thus to hear these tones, just as science has discovered that the note A rings and hums in the light-rays of the Moon. Each Planet, Sun, or other Star within the sky has its own note, and the whole makes up a harmony so sublime that all the senses exult when they succeed in feeling, hearing, or seeing these Royal Chords.

“And so has all that is its own inner tone; even to the simplest atom (although it is a Kosmos in itself, in spite of its seeming simplicity), and the spiritual ear can hear, the eye of the spirit see, and the spiritual divine inner senses blend with all these wonders of God. We can draw forth their inner fires and increase our own vitality with these powers, provided that we return that which we have borrowed with interest and so restore the balance. We can send forth some of our own vital forces when one of the things, or beings, of earth needs them, and they will be returned to us in due course in a form more sublime and vibrant than they were when we sent them out. Always the balance must and will be restored, and if we help ourselves without repaying, then we err and have to suffer until we do once more correct the scales and restore the equilibrium. To do these things, you must go within your inner self and dig and burrow until the treasure comes to light. No one can help you to do this, except to point the way; but once you obtain the first glimmer of that wisdom—understanding will come with it.

“This knowledge is as ancient as the stars, but mankind has forgotten it, or wicked and selfish teachers have kept it to themselves. One can unite with all the forces of nature in this way. The elements will become your servants and lend you their powers, if you use these powers in the right manner and unselfishly. If you try to master them for your own use they will destroy you. This is an awful secret; and full of wonder, power and aspirations of the loftiest kind. All that is manifested lives, and the blending of our own consciousness with all the rest is real Cosmic Consciousness of the highest kind and draws their inner being within ourselves, bringing about a definite relationship within our own systems. So we can share the powers of nature with it and experience the One-ness of it all in the Temples of our hearts, and worship God together with all the manifested realms at one and the same time. Not only that; but we shall be as Gods ourselves within the realms of our own personal Kosmos, the body in which we dwell; and have full power and understanding of all its potentialities, and so find a greater awareness of the One God Himself. There will be no more loneliness, no more fear, no more hatred, but only compassion and love, patience and goodwill towards all other beings in the Universe.

“So the channels will be opened and cleared, and communication with nature become possible; feeling through and with all; at-one-ness in the highest sense; and the keys of the Sanctuary in your hands—to use as you will: for good or evil.

“The fact that Science has now discovered the note A in the rays of the Moon is an interesting modern point of contact with the most ancient teachings; inasmuch as the ancient Wisdom states that the Souls of Men dwell behind the Moon, and the note A is the equivalent of the colour Indigo, which is the highest spiritual colour known to Occultism. It is the colour which the Seer can only perceive when in the highest state of ecstasy and attunement with the most sublime spiritual realms, and this colour necessarily being within the light of the Moon before that note can sound forth, indicates the presence of great spiritual potencies there.

“Yet even a Seer—such as Swedenborg, for instance—may be led by the visions he sees in the Astral Light, to mistake for God or Angels the denizens of the Astral Spheres of which he may occasionally catch a glimpse.

“The seven spiritual senses of man correspond with every other septenate in nature—and in man.

“Physically, though invisibly, the human Auric Envelope has seven layers, the same as Cosmic Space. It is this Aura which, according to our mental and physical state of purity or impurity, either opens for us vistas into other worlds, or shuts us out altogether from anything but the three-dimensional world of Matter.

“The seven physical senses, and also the seven states of consciousness are:

  1. Waking.
  2. Waking-dreaming.
  3. Natural sleeping.
  4. Induced or trance-sleep.
  5. Psychic.
  6. Super-psychic.
  7. Purely Spiritual.

“And each of them corresponds with one of the seven Cosmic Planes. Each uses and develops one of the seven supersenses, and is connected directly, in its use on the terrestro-spiritual plane, with the Cosmic and Divine Centre of a Force that gave it birth, and which is its direct Creator.

“By attunement with the higher planes of the Divine and Formless Spirit man can attain Spirit-Knowledge, or Âtmâ Vidyâ; what the Sufis call ‘Rohanee’.

“Thus, by this means he penetrates into the Substantial or Formative World, next to the Physical World.

“The next to the Formative is the Intellectual or Creative World; then comes the Archetypal World.

“These four divisions have all to do with the material, but the next three, the higher planes of the septenary Kosmos, are so far beyond the understanding of even the most developed mystic that it is almost, if not altogether, impossible for the average Mind to soar up to these Realms. Before it can do so it must be able to attune the three higher states in itself to those three highest Planes in the Kosmos.

“As Hermes says: ‘Knowledge differs much from sense; for sense is of the things that surmount it, but Knowledge is the end of sense.’ In other words: worldly intellect is the illusion of our physical mind and its understanding; a contrast between the laboriously acquired knowledge of the senses and the Divine Knowledge of the Soul.

“During the periods of rest, or the Nights of Brahmâ, there can be no manifestation of Consciousness, semi-consciousness, or even unconscious purposiveness, for these states of perception need the vehicle of Matter in order to manifest and behold manifestation. On the earthly plane, the human consciousness in its normal state cannot soar beyond transcendental metaphysics. It is only through some molecular aggregation that spirit wells up in a stream of individual or subconscious subjectivity. Matter existing apart from perception is a mere abstraction, for both these aspects of the Absolute—cosmic Substance and Cosmic Ideation—are mutually interdependent. The cooperation of Subject and Object results in the sense-object, or phenomenon.