The Golden Star


The Symbol of the Cross

“But although we may study every symbol, from the circle to the cross, from the Tau to the triangle and the square, and learn in this way the signs that point the way to evolution, we shall only see the effects, whilst the First Great Cause lies hidden still; a greater Mystery than ever.

“We may learn that from the Seed grows the genealogical Tree of Being, called the Universe, Three in One, the triple aspect of the seed, its form, colour and substance; but the force which directs its growth remains the ever unknown.

“What is this Vital Force, that makes the seed germinate, burst open and throw out shoots, then form the trunk and branches, which, in their turn, bend down and throw out their seed, which takes root and produces other trees? Yet there is an answer to the seeker who tries to fathom the mystery of that manifested Force, which lies latent within that same seeker too!

“You know that all physical and material phenomena are but illusions of the senses, aided by imagination. There is no such thing as a solid body on the material planes, for there is no substance there that cannot be made to become transparent by some ‘ray,’ so-called for lack of a better term.

“To those who possess clairvoyant sight these rays are not needed in order to pierce the veil of the material. When they switch on their ‘ray’ of clairvoyance, all things melt away and disappear; actuality is perceived instead of sensory scenes of illusion and imagination. The most solid seeming walls become like transparent glass; and they, and trees, plants, animals, and anything else material vanish, as if they never were—which they were NOT!

“Please remember this when you follow the little demonstration I will now give; a small experiment which will show you how material life and being was first brought into existence. Let me add, before I commence, that you, and all human beings still on earth, can perform the same experiment: if you have the will and concentration to do so.

“Firstly, you must accept the fact that all that is on the material plane has life. There is no such thing as a dead substance there. Everything that can be felt and seen, or experienced in any way whatsoever has life—material life. If it had not you could not feel, or see, or sense it. The body of a ‘dead’ animal has life, a ‘dead’ tree trunk has life, a rock, a stone, a grain of sand, a snowflake, a drop of rain—they all live. This applies to metals, minerals, chemicals and everything else you wish to mention. They live, and thrill and throb, and vibrate with LIFE!

“The four principal ingredients of this sort of life, or of physical nature, are: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. They all have life of their own kind too!

“Carbon is the Basis of all organic substances; Oxygen supports combustion, and is the active chemical agent of all organic life; Hydrogen burns in Oxygen and is the most stable of all compounds; it exists largely in all organisms; Nitrogen is an inert gas; it is the vehicle with which oxygen is mixed to adopt it for animal respiration; it enters largely in all organic substances. When these four principles are all together in any organic substance it needs only the addition of the vital spark, the living fire, to ignite the organism, and it can then develop and reproduce itself.

“I will show you this by imaging a simple cell; you can all do this if you try persistently.”

So saying, the lecturer stood silently in deep concentration, and in a few moments there floated in the air before him a small gelatinous ball, transparent and slightly phosphorescent.

“Here we have,” he continued, “the first principle.”

circle“Its symbol is the circle, the boundless circle, the No-Number, Zero; it is the symbol of darkness, unmanifested, and it only becomes a living number when another number precedes it. This is the germ—and to give it life it is necessary that the Ray of Light, the Divine Thought, flashes into it. circle with dotThen the germ will become luminous with the Spark and its symbol becomes the circle with a dot. Just as we can image the germ by means of thought power, so can we project our divine thought of Life into it.”

He beckoned one of his listeners, who came forward.

“Now concentrate on this germ, if you will,” he said, “and project from within yourself some of your own vital essence into it.” The disciple did as he was told and presently a faint glow became visible, and a slow rotary movement began to revolve the little ball.

“Here you see a demonstration very similar to the action of the rotating psychic centres in an animal body,” said the lecturer. “In order to show you how these germs evolve and reproduce themselves, I will speed up the process a little. Please watch carefully.”

circle dividedIn a few moments there became visible a thin line which divided the cell into two parts; each part retaining the glowing element within, and both, still connected, continuing their slow revolution. Then they slowly drew apart, both revolving round their own axis and also around each other; slowly filling out they grew into little balls, and now there were two; perfect in form and indistinguishable from each other. This process was repeated several times, until at last there was a number of these little germ-cells, all glowing with life and circulating like a universe in miniature.

“What you see here is a picture of the whirling atoms in the spiritual worlds. They are produced by Divine Thought, and the process of multiplication goes on for ever. To bring these creations into the material world the next step is the addition of an upright line, connecting the dividing line in the circular body with the lower half of the line of circumference; in other words, instead of a horizontal line we now find the Tau within the circle. circle tauWhen this sign appears it means that, according to its path of evolution, the spiritual will now fall into material generation, or matter; for the upright line represents the male of the lower half, connected with the female part of the upper half; the two sexes being contained within one body.

cross in a circle“Then comes the next stage; that of the complete cross within the circle.

“As in the psychic centres of the animal and human body the rate of revolution increases continually, the intensity of the glow becomes greater and greater until these little balls become whirling, flaming balls of power, and each cell contains a universe within itself. Thus the electrons of the material world are formed, and their combinations grow into bodies of plants, animals, and eventually the human race; according to the paths of evolution these electrons follow. The whole progress is summed up in the symbol of the circle containing the figure 1.

cross in a circle“This refers to the ten celestial fruits, born out of the two male and female seeds, which at first are invisible to the material eye; being entirely spiritual before they take on the material body in which they manifest. This glyph is the symbol of the first Divine Manifestation, which contains every power of exact expression of proportion. The first circle is nought, the vertical diameter line is the First, or Primeval One; the Word of the Logos, from which spring the other digits up to nine—the limit of expansion.