The Golden Star


The Astral Fire

“The human mind cannot properly appreciate all the positive forces unless it has suffered from at least some of the negative conditions. This is one of the principal lessons the Mind has to learn, and when it has done so it will know that positive forces of good always overcome negative conditions of evil, under whatever form they manifest. The Mind will also know then that hatred cannot overcome hatred, for example; as a negative condition cannot master, rectify, modify, or change another negative condition; whereas the positive force of Love, added to Love, will double its potency.

“But all these aspects of positive and negative forces and conditions, considered from an earthly and intellectual standpoint, are but phantoms of the mind; which in itself is negative until it has become so pure that it can join with the positive Soul, and so make a complete balance of positive and negative. Then the spiritual manifestations of form and existence become possible; as you see in this world of Astral Fire. The pure and balanced Soul–Mind then needs no material aids in order to appear in a spiritual body in spiritual surroundings. Such bodies and surroundings may then be changed, but they can never be destroyed, dissolved, or broken down to their first material electrons—for they do not possess any that are subject to dissolution—as happens with material bodies or surroundings by means of death and decay.”

“Then,” remarked Ma-u, “these beings, and all those trees and plants and Temples have real and actual form and existence, without being illusions or realizations of the mind, such as we find on earth or in the Astral worlds, which are the ‘Heavens,’ ‘Devachans,’ or ‘Summerlands’ of the Spiritualists, the Religious Sects, and the average Occultist or Mystic?”

“That is true, my son,” said the Messenger. “The Higher Mind of man, as well as the lower mind of an animal, a plant, and all material things, resides in a latent state in the case of the latter. Mind needs a body to manifest itself on the material plane. This lasts as long as the mind of such a body is still entangled in material misconceptions and dreams. But as soon as the mind has full realization of its actual divine inheritance (such as it can reach in man), and releases itself from these illusions by meditation, service and purification and so becomes the equal of the Soul, then the false ideas are discarded; the Higher Mind joins the Soul and leaves the material worlds for ever, if it wishes to do so, and the true spiritual existence commences.

“It is extremely difficult to explain this progress; just as it is difficult to realize the misconceptions in man’s mind about sin. If I say that Sin only has existence in a mind which has realization of sin, and if I add that sin does not exist when the mind has no such realization, no matter what the man in which that mind dwells does, then I state another Truth that is almost impossible to understand. It is for this reason that I said just now that Love and Hatred, Light and Darkness, and so on, have no real existence on the material or astral planes. These concepts are not actualities, but only realizations. Ordinary language cannot make this clear; only in terms of spiritual and divine Wisdom can these Truths be explained or understood; not by means of the material intellect. The latter is of no use or value when we deal with Divine Teachings.”

“What is the earthly counterpart, or correspondence of the Astral Fire?” asked Ma-uti.

“Apart from the Rays, and the fires in the bodily centres, there is internal and external heat in every atom,” replied Neteru-Hem. “In other words: the Breath—or Spirit—of the Father, and the Breath—or Heat—of the Mother. In the ancient Teachings the ‘Mother’ referred to is Matter.

“It is the fire in matter—matter vivified and held together by Spirit-force—that burns in the thoughts and passions of mankind. It causes the struggles, efforts and thoughts of the intellect; of progress; and the reaction of pleasure—which is pain. Where there is no fire there is the coldness of death, and an absence of action.

“To redeem mankind, which at first was created godlike and perfect, and lead it back to the One Divine Source, the Celestial Beings offered themselves as voluntary victims; and they gave up their status, descending upon earth, where they took up their abode. These are the Fiery Angels of the exoteric theologies who were ‘hurled’ down from Heaven into the darkness of Hell—which is our Earth; the latter concept being a tremendous misconception of the true nature and work of these Fiery Beings.”

“What are the actual colours of the Seven Rays, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-uti.

“The colour of the First Ray, the Ray of Will or Power, is a brilliant shining orange. This tint is quite distinct from the deep orange hue you may see in the aura of a prideful man; this is the exoteric interpretation of its colour; its esoteric colour is red. Orange light acts on the glands of humans or animals and makes them more active.

“The Second Ray, of Love and Wisdom, is also dual in its manifestation—as are all the others. One side presents lovely tints of crimson and rose; the colours of Love, the other side is ultramarine, or cobalt-blue, and it sparkles with bright golden stars; these are the colours of Wisdom.

“The right side of man’s body also radiates blue; this side emanates also negative magnetic rays. Blue is a very vitalizing colour, and, according to the ancient Indian teachings, it is the colour of air; just as the colour of fire is red, and the colour of earth yellow; this last colour is also vitalizing. Blue light is cold and increases the magnetism of the body, whilst blue rays have a calming effect and induce sleep; they also relieve neuralgia and rheumatism. The Chaldeans said that blue came from Jupiter and yellow from the Sun. There is a third aspect of this Ray, which exoterically shows indigo with a tinge of purple.

“The Third Ray, connected with active intelligence, has a brilliant lemon and primrose colour. This colour makes body and mind harmonious and strengthens the nerves. The left side of the body radiates positive magnetic streams of a yellowish-red hue; and the actual colour of the aura on the left side of the body is yellow. But exoterically it shows black too, and esoterically it is green.

“The Fourth Ray is the Ray of Harmony, Art and Beauty. Its colour is a shining light blue, or lilac blue. The exoteric colour is cream, and the esoteric is yellow.

“The Fifth Ray—that of Science—is emerald green. There are many shades of green, such as the pale luminous blue-green, which in the aura indicates sympathy or compassion; the bright apple-green of vitality; the grey-green of deceit or cunning; and the greenish brown of jealousy. Light green rays bring peace to the senses; they vitalize and stimulate the body harmoniously. Exoterically, it is a yellow ray, while the esoteric colour is indigo.

“The Sixth Ray is the Ray of Devotion and is coloured a brilliant red tinged with lilac; this is the exoteric aspect; the esoteric tint is a silvery rose.

“The Seventh Ray, connected with Ceremonial White Magic is of a dark clear blue; an indigo blue; or a deep rich violet blue. In black Ceremonial Magic these lovely tints are replaced by thick black clouds. The exoteric colour is white, and the esoteric is violet.”