The Golden Star


The Astral Fire

Everywhere there were huge May-trees and bushes in white, pink and deep red, cascading from their topmost branches right to the very soil with avalanches of blossoms, splendid emblems of innocence, purity and affection. The air was filled with their scent of vanilla, a heavenly aroma that creates visions of delight. Gorse and broom shone upon the open spaces, and lilac and laburnum in magnificent spates of glorious blooms, added glamour to the wondrous groves and thickets, from which prodigious bursts of melody of singing birds rang out; exhilarating, gay and pleasant. Deep pools and lakes upon which floated stately royal swans, and which were bedecked with lotus, water-lilies, and other plants with lovely flowers and leaves, reflected the golden sheen that hung within the atmosphere and filled the soul with bliss.

Eternal spring reigned everywhere; winsome, gentle, and irrepressible in its divine power and miraculous splendour; as if a soothing flow of nectar did slowly drip from rose-leaves upon eyelids worn with care.

Vernal spring; that makes the pulses leap with sense of healing and rebirth and fills with hope and gladness. Spring, that flings its garments wide, and laughingly spreads out upon the firmament above its rosy filmy clouds in misty sprays of lustrous brilliance; calls forth the opening buds and rising flowers with welcoming salute of joy.

As if in answer to their thoughts Neteru-Hem remarked: “Here it is always spring-time, and nothing ever decays or dies. The very air itself is filled with vibrant life, and every living thing retains eternal youth. This is a garden of Eden without a Serpent, for all temptation has been left behind.”

Vista after lovely vista opened out wherever Ma-u and Ma-uti looked, dumb with wonder. A treasure of delightful gems besparkled all the emerald fields and plots of grass that gave relief and air and space, where multi-coloured flowers raised up their lovely petals to the golden light. Cradled in the Benediction of God’s Love they lived for ever on.

At last the park-land ended, and, gasping with amazement, they now beheld the most wonderful scene of all.

They saw the widespread crescent of an enormous bay surrounding within its spacious horns such an ocean as no mortal eye has ever seen before.

The coast was made of deep-red golden rocks, that sent out streams of blazing light all round in lustrous scintillation.

The ocean’s hue was a deep, hazy mauve, and sparkled with myriads of tiny fiery atoms which danced like motes in a sunbeam in eternal motion, passionately leaping and falling, swirling in every direction, eddying and gyrating in ecstasy of continuous oscillation.

Golden rocks and reefs rose up and stretched far out into the distant regions of that strange deep; whilst here and there great tracts within the main shone out in brilliant colours.

“This is that part of the ocean of Fire whence are sent the animating particles that vitalize all living organisms,” said Neteru-Hem.

“Those pools of various colours you observe in different parts of the ocean are connected with the colours of the spectrum; also with twelve colours as yet unknown to man, and with the Seven Divine Rays, and the psychic centres in the body of man. An ocean of Inspiration this. And if but one such tiny spark you see descends into a Poet’s Mind, Lo! an immortal work will be created. His pen drips honey and ambrosia, and with a careless gesture he scatters jewelled thoughts, like stars, upon the Universe of other minds. These sparks light up the minds of prophets with a Holy Knowledge of events to come! The psychic flower-centres within man correspond with some of the lovely colours you behold within this Ocean.

“That patch of orange fire you see is like the fiery flower of Kundalini; situated at the base of man’s spine, it has four petals and vitalizes man’s body. It is connected with the radiatory vitalizing fires between the shoulder-blades; with the fires of the mind at the highest part of the spine, situated in the centre of the back of the throat; and with the fire of the Spirit, at the top of the head, from which issue forth the two united fires of matter, by means of the Higher Mind and Soul.

“All the fire-centres within man circulate, and, in the case of the fire of Kundalini, a threefold path of fire can be seen, extending the entire length of the spine, vivifying every centre in the body, when the higher man has succeeded in blending the three centres just mentioned with the ascending fire of Kundalini. This causes the elimination of all coarse and unsuitable matter in the body and takes within the sphere of its own influence all other matter that is keyed to its own vibration. It further cleanses the etheric or astral body from all impurities.

“The patch of rosy tint with an admixture of green you observe in the ocean there corresponds with the colours of the ten petals which form the solar plexus.

“That glowing golden pool over there is connected with the 12 golden petals of the heart centre in the human body. This silvery-blue lake has the same colour as the 16 petals in the throat centre, in which blue dominates.

“The 96 petals which form one of the centres in the head—between the eyebrows—have the same rose-and-yellow colour as that patch you see near those rocks; and the white-and-gold stretch of colour in that fjord is the colour of the 12 major petals, with their 960 secondary petals arranged around them, which are situated at the very top of the head.

“In the aura of the highly developed man these colours, as well as numerous graduations and tints, are visible, just as you can observe them in this Ocean. These centres, together with many others, such as the pineal gland and the pituitary body, form a network of triangles within the human frame, just as you will see that the colour-patches in this ocean are also in the shape of interwoven triangles. This is necessary; for unless these triangles are linked by the progression of the fire, the fire cannot perfectly vivify them in order to transmit the material into the spiritual. As soon as any of the fires has free passage along one of the triangles, that triangle remains in a continuous blaze; and when all the triangles are alight it will be seen that there is always one that burns with a brighter flame than the others. This will give the clue to that man’s place in his evolution, and by it his attainments can be judged.

“When a man has reached the apex of his evolution, it will be seen that each of his seven principal psychic centres also has become a radiant fire; a wheel of living flame, rotating fiercely at terrific speed. Not only does it rotate in one specific direction, but it actually turns upon itself, having the appearance of a vivid flaming iridescent globe of pure fire. In the heart of each fire is contained a certain geometrical shape; yet the vibration of this shape is so rapid that it is difficult for the eye to realize it. At the top, and all around the head, a wonderful golden flame is seen mounting upwards and sideways in all directions. This golden flame attracts downward a sheet of electric-blue light, which descends from these astral planes of fire here to the man who has reached that necessary state of spiritual evolution which allows this holy blending. The development of each centre of psychic force takes place as follows: