The Golden Star


Elements and Elementals

“As in the exoteric interpretation of the Egyptian rites the soul of every defunct person—from the Hierophant down to the sacred bull Apis—became an Osiris, was Osirified, though the Secret Doctrine had always taught, that the real Osirification was the lot of every Monad only after 3,000 cycles of Existences; so inthe present case. The “Monad,” born of the nature and the very Essence of the “Seven” (its highest principle becoming immediately enshrined in the Seventh Cosmic Element), has to perform its septenary gyration throughout the Cycle of Being and forms, from the highest to the lowest; and then again from man to God. At the threshold of Paranirvana it reassumes its primeval Essence and becomes the Absolute once more.

“This circular movement of evolution is like a wheel; the whirlwind of God. Logos becomes a whirlwind and rotates back to Logos. There were great prophets and seers in the olden times who could behold this whirlwind and penetrate the mystery of Breath and Motion retrospectively. This rotary motion applies to everything in Nature, from the orbs of heaven to the smallest Monad. It is the law of vortical movement in primordial matter, and is one of the oldest conceptions of Greek Philosophy, whose first historical Sages were nearly all Initiates of the Mysteries, which they had from the Egyptians and the latter received them from the Chaldeans, who had learned these secrets from the Brâhmans of the esoteric school. Amongst the so-called pre-dynastic Egyptians were also present some of the great Teachers from Atlantis, who selected Egypt as their new country after their own Continent had disappeared beneath the waves. It was principally they who gave Egypt the means of rising from primitive conditions to a prolonged state of might and splendour and wisdom, such as the world has never witnessed since.

“Leucippus, and Democritus of Abdera—the pupils of the Magi—taught that this gyratory movement of the atoms, as well as the spheres, existed from eternity.

“Hicetas, Heraclides, Ecphantus, Pythagoras and his pupils, taught of the rotation of the earth; and Âryabhata of India, Aristarchus, Seleucus, and Archimedes calculated its revolutions as scientifically as the astronomers do now; while the theory of the Elemental Vortices was known to Anaxagoras nearly two thousand years before it was taken up by Galileo and others."

“How do these elements reach earth, apart from the projections by the Devas, Messenger; are they projected by means of the Sun-rays?” asked Ma-u.

“Yes and no, my son; they also come by means of the Tiaou, also called the ‘Tuat’ or ‘Duat’, which is the path of the Night-Sun of the Egyptians, who placed the inferior hemisphere, or infernal region, on the concealed side of the Moon. The human being, already existing in principle in the elemental units, came out from the Moon, evolved through the whole cycle of existence and returned to his birthplace; to issue again thence when commencing his next cycle. This is a triple mystery; astronomical, physiological and psychical. The Moon is the symbol of reincarnation. Osiris says: ‘O sole radiant beam of the Moon! I issue from the circulating multitudes; open me the Tiaou!’

“When the Dhyânis were commissioned to create man in their image, they threw off shadows as delicate models for the Nature Spirits to work upon. So they made the latter man—physically—out of the dust of the earth, and his creators and fashioners were many. And so the elemental essences became material and composite elements as we know them. With every Race, man became more material, and the Soul stepped back to make room for the Mind—that principle which incarnates to learn all knowledge in its successive cycles of evolution; from mineral, through the vegetable cycles of evolution; thence through the animal and elemental kingdoms to man; making ready to return to his original Source through the Heavenly Man.”

“And what happens then, dear Messenger?” asked Ma-uti.

“It is taught that when Matronitha, the Mother, is separated and brought face to face with the King, in the excellence of the Sabbath, all things become one body. In other words, when all is reabsorbed once more into the One Element, the Souls of men become Nirvânîs, and the elements of everything become again what they were before—Protyle, or Undifferentiated substance. Nirvâna and Sabbath mean the same thing. It means Rest, but not annihilation or extinction of the consciousness, or of the personal awareness of the Soul; nor does it mean inactivity for those who have earned the Blessings of Nirvâna. It is a period of absence from strife, such as we know on earth when we are endeavouring, by trial and test, to become worthy of that Holy Day of Re-Union with all those who have fought and conquered the snares of the material in times past.

“Sabbath does not mean seventh day only, but seventh period of any length of time consisting of seven parts.”

“What is the Undifferentiated State of the Elements?” asked Ma-u.

“The Undifferentiated State of the Elements is the same as Chaos, which the Ancients called senseless, because—Chaos and Space being synonymous—it represented and contained in itself all the elements in their rudimentary state. Æther is the Fifth Element and the synthesis of the other four, and the Essence of Æther, or the Unseen Space, was considered divine, as being the supposed Veil of Deity, and therefore the medium between this life and the next. The Ancients taught that when the directing active Intelligences—or the Gods—retired from any portion of Æther in our Space, then that portion was left in the possession of evil, so called by reason of the absence from it of good.

“Æther and Chaos are the two primeval and eternal principles of the Universe, namely: Mind and Matter. Æther is the all-vivifying intellectual principle, and Chaos a shapeless liquid principle, without form or sense. The union of these two principles produced the Universe, or the Universal World, with the first Androgynous Logos, whose body was made from the former chaotic Matter and whose Soul from Æther. Chaos, from this union with Spirit, obtained sense and shone with pleasure, and so was made Protogonos, the (first-born) Light. Primitive religion was something better than mere speculations about physical phenomena and some very elevated principles were hidden under the transparent veil of such natural divinities as thunder, wind, or rain. The Ancients knew how to distinguish the corporeal from the spiritual elements in the Forces of Nature.

“The fourfold Jupiter, as well as the four-faced Brahmâ, the aërial, the fulgurant, the terrestrial and the marine God, the Lord and Master of the four Elements, may stand as the representative for the Great Cosmic Gods of every Nation. In spite of Hephaestus-Vulcan as the God of Fire, or Poseidon-Neptune as the Sea-God, and Pluto-Aidoneus as the Deity of the Earth, the Aërial Jove was all of these; for Æther had pre-eminence over the Elements from the first and was the synthesis of them all. But there are several kinds of Æther!